Wheel of Fortune Crams 8 Fails Into a Mere 2 Minutes — Watch Video

Wheel Fortune Feather Cap

While a handful of us who have never been to Nepal nor played Legends of Zelda were scratching our heads over Tuesday’s Wordle, the contestants on Wheel of Fortune were having a dickens of a time cracking a nearly-complete puzzle.

It all started with a puzzle in the “Phrase” category, which built to a pretty evident:

Y__R _A_

Laura gave the wheel a spin and correctly guessed/added an “O,” only to then venture forth with the solution, “ANOTHER FEATHER IN YOUR HAT.”

Which is theoretically close.

Chris then whiffed by guessing “G,” after which Thomas landed himself on Bankrupt. Cue slide-whistle.

Seeking redemption, Laura next guessed, “ANOTHER FEATHER IN YOUR LAP,” which was of course wrong, but also: What would that even mean?

Chris again came up empty by suggesting “D” (as in, what, ANOTHER FEATHER IN YOUR DAD?), after which newly bankrupt Thomas landed on Lose a Turn.

Laura then seemed to be closing in on the win, correctly guessing “P.” Like, how many three-letter words end in -AP??

Well, MAP does, we soon were reminded.

Who wound up brining this excruciating two minutes to a close, and in doing so put a feather in their, I dunno, nap? Press play below to find out.