The Amazing Race Season 33 Finale Recap: And the Winners Are...

Amazing Race Season 33 Finale Recap

Seven countries, 17 cities and one global pandemic later, The Amazing Race has finally crowned the winners of Season 33.

While best friends Ryan and Dusty led the pack in the early stages of the Race, married YouTubers Kim and Penn kicked it into high gear, winning three straight legs in a row along the way. But going into Wednesday’s finale, Raquel and Cayla were picking up some serious steam. Despite their fair share of errors throughout the run, the two flight attendants pulled it together to secure their first win of the season just last week.

But we all know it only takes one first place finish to win that hefty $1 million prize. So who went home with the cash? Let’s recap the season’s last two legs.

ROUTE INFO | All of the teams take a charter flight from Greece to Portugal, the westernmost country in Europe, for the penultimate leg of the race. Once there, they must make their way to Fortale De São Filipe in Setúbal, Portugal. With only four pairs left, each duo is well aware there’s no room for mistakes. The finish line is in sight, and everyone’s got both eyes on the prize.

Kim and Penn are first to find the location, and from the top of the castle, they spot the Race‘s signature flag colors below. The remaining three teams are right behind them, only Ryan and Dusty head down the main drag in the wrong direction. That’s gonna cost them.

ROAD BLOCK | In “Who Wants to Go Exploring?” teams must select a boat with the name of an explorer on it and row to the other side of the marina. But mixed in with the boats are vessels with random celebrity names on them. If they make the wrong choice, it’s back to the start they go.

Kim and Raquel take on the challenge, but Kim doesn’t recognize any of the names. She takes a chance with Fernão de Magalhães (aka Ferdinand Magellan) and gets to rowing. Raquel rightly selects Bartolomeu Dias, while Arun selects António Guterres, a former prime minister of Portugal. (Listen, I’d love to see Natalia and Arun in the final leg, but let’s be real.) Lastly, Ryan chooses Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet. Ruh-roh.

Amazing Race Finale RecapAfter struggling for what feels like forever, Arun decides to switch boats to Vasco da Gama (a correct answer), but Ryan beats him to the punch and snags it.

Kim is the first across, and Team YouTube begins its way on foot to the Mercearia Confianca de Troino restaurant. where they must select a can of sardines and paint its image onto a wooden door.

While the first three teams begin the painting task, Arun gets the bad news that Guterres is not an explorer. His next pick is Pedro Álvares Cabral, which does indeed earn him the clue.

Raquel and Cayla complete their painting after their second check and begin the drive to Santuário do Cabo Espichel to find their next clue… but they leave their precious map behind! (Not the first team to do it, and certainly won’t be the last.) It doesn’t take them long to realize the mistake, and panic quickly sets in.

ROAD BLOCK | Kim and Penn arrive to the second road block, where they’re tasked with counting a church’s 106 columns while standing in a designated space. When they get the correct count, they’ll be pointed to the next Pit Stop, a lighthouse that’s off in the distance. Penn says that he and Kim have pretty bad vision (“Evolutionarily, we would’ve been eaten by tigers by now,” he says.) Raquel and Cayla arrive second, and Cayla nails the task on her first try. (Impressive!) But after a few more guesses, Penn and Kim tail them on the footrace to the finish.

Amazing Race Season 33 Finale RecapPIT STOP | Raquel and Cayla arrive first, winning a trip for two to St. Lucia. Kim and Penn check in second, while Ryan and Dusty nab the third spot in the finals. As for Natalia and Arun, their race officially ends here.

THE FINAL LEG BEGINS! | Teams say adeus to Portugal to fly to the Race‘s final destination: Los Angeles. The next Route Info tells them they need to unlock their clue using a combination that’s going up and down. Raquel and Cayla quickly deduce that the code is located on the outside of an elevator, and soon, they begin their trek to the El Pueblo de Los Angeles monument. Kim and Penn get their clue as well, leaving Dusty and Ryan behind to scratch their heads for all eternity.

ROUTE INFO | The first two teams arrive at the same time and must find three parts of a clue by smashing multiple piñatas. Plus, one team member is blindfolded and must listen to instruction from his or her partner. Raquel and Cayla retrieve all three clues first, and off they go to S.I.R. Hollywood. Kim finally finds their last piñata, a tiny donkey, and the married couple departs before Ryan and Dusty even show face.

The flight attendants arrive to the next task, which is adding foley sounds to five classic Amazing Race scenes (in case you needed to see that watermelon face-smash another 50 times — which yes, we definitely do). Using common items like beach balls, a bucket of water and more, they must recreate the right noises for the now-famous scenes, which also includes the classic “my ox is broken!” bit.

Kim and Penn catch up and remind us that video editing and lip-syncing are entirely their forte. If there’s any perfect moment for the marrieds to take the lead, this would be it. Just kidding! Raquel and Cayla finally nail the right sounds and are off to the Dignity Health Sports Park to find their next clue! But man, do they have some competition! Kim and Penn are licking at their heels.

MEMORY QUIZ | Teams must correctly answer questions that test them on all of the countries and tasks they’ve encountered throughout the season. Kim and Penn, and Raquel and Cayla arrive at almost the same time. The questions ask about sayings they’ve heard, portraits they’ve painted and a certain little gnome who joined them for a leg. The flight attendants seem to make quick work of it all, but Kim’s stellar note-taking comes in handy. (HELLO, HAS ANYONE CHECKED ON DUSTY AND RYAN?!)

Amazing Race Season 33 Finale RecapThe hardest question comes down to the specific coin that was hidden under the rocks. Raquel and Cayla seem to be falling apart, but then both teams start changing answers they originally had correct. (OK, this is stressful, and I’m only recapping a race for $1 million!)

WHO WON? | At the end of the two-hour affair, Kim and Penn finish their quiz, race into the soccer stadium and are crowned the new winners of The Amazing Race! Raquel and Cayla come in second (after putting up one hell of a fight), leaving Ryan and Dusty in third.

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