SNL: Steve Martin, Candice Bergen, Paul Rudd and Others Welcome Mulaney to 5-Timers Club — Watch

Saturday Night Live‘s 5-Timers Club is getting pretty full, but it managed to squeeze one more member into its ranks this week as John Mulaney once again hosted the show.

There was no Tom Hanks this time; he was the inductee when a sketch first introduced the concept in 1990, and he appeared this past December when Paul Rudd (just barely) joined the club. But on hand to welcome Mulaney were Rudd himself, Steve Martin, Candice Bergen, Elliott Gould and Tina Fey.

Mulaney gets the traditional razzing from the veterans. Bergen doesn’t know who Mulaney is; his reply: “Well Candice, you wouldn’t know me, but if you have a niece or a son who’s bad at sports, they might.” Martin calls him Megan Mullally. Gould doesn’t even remember being on Mulaney’s sitcom.

If you’re wondering what it takes to be a 5-Timer… well, it helps to be able to recover from a flop. Mulaney makes a joke about “Dan Aykroyd’s tequila” that doesn’t get a response, but he wins them back simply with the way he says, “Listen…”

Which is why it’s so weird when Conan O’Brien (the club’s doorman from Hanks’ 1990 induction) shows up, because he’s the master of flop recovery. Not only does SNL‘s director blow O’Brien’s entrance, O’Brien himself fumbles one of his own lines. But a quick miming of him being drunk brings everyone back on board.

Maybe it’s time to get Conan hosting the show. After all, what’s he got going on besides a podcast?

Watch the full sketch by pressing PLAY above, them grade Mulaney’s latest outing in our poll:

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