Peacemaker's Opening Credits Must Change for Season 2, But How Much?

The bad news: Peacemaker‘s super-fun opening credits are due for a Season 2 redo. The good news? One can only wonder — and in the meantime, speculate! — what series creator James Gunn might do for an encore.

Purposely created to be “un-skippable” (meaning, you’d never reach for the SKIP INTRO button), Peacemaker‘s Season 1 credits quickly amassed many a fan and critical rave. Barging into each episode with the first shouts of Wig Wam’s “Do Ya Wanna Taste It,” the 90-second song-and-dance number — choreographed by Charissa-Lee Barton, directed by Gunn and filmed over one day in a high school auditorium — starts off with John Cena’s chrome-domed antihero joined by Freddie Stroma’s Vigilante and and Danielle Brooks’ Adebayo, stomping through spots of light. A few beats later, Jennifer Holland’s Harcourt and and Chukwudi Iwuji’s Murn march in from the wings, joined by Steve Agee’s Economos and then Elizabeth Ludlow’s Keeya.

Midway through, Peacemaker fires his gun at the screen and we cut to Robert Patrick’s stone-cold Auggie delivering a hip thrust toward the camera, after which Annie Chang’s Detective Song, Christopher Heyerdahl’s Captain Locke and Lochlyn Munro’s Detective Fitzgibbon get pulled into the dance party. Rizwan Manji’s Jamil the Janitor sweeps across the floor, past Mel Tuck’s Old Man, and as the sequence builds to a close, Cena hoists Nhut Le’s Judomaster onto his shoulders while Eagly perfectly hits his mark and fans his wings wide.

It was, in a word, perfection. So why mess with a very good thing? Well, the fact is that as much as one-third of that original ensemble likely won’t be back for Season 2, due to their characters being killed off in the final episodes.

Gunn himself confirmed a Season 2 change-up, tweeting to an inquiring fan, “I think I have to because most of these people are no longer alive.”

But just how much do the opening credits have to change, to accommodate as many as five exits (plus any Season 2 cast additions)? Are some elements, such as the Wig Wam song, untouchable, indelibly associated as it now is with the hit DC series? Should the distinctive choreo be carried over as well, and simply be recreated by the rejiggered ensemble?

How about an ironically shameless approach in which the exact same footage is used but the faces of any new actors are sloppily pasted onto the bodies of any exited stars — almost in the style of a Jib-Jab video?

Or, should Gunn start from scratch and endeavor to deliver something quite new but equally dynamic and un-skippable?

Review the options in our poll below (and choose as many as you like), or offer your own Season 2 opening credits in the Comments section.

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