Killing Eve's Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer Preview the Final Season — Plus, Is an Eve and Villanelle Romance Doomed?

After years of chasing each other across the globe, Killing Eve‘s Eve and Villanelle will be closer than ever in the final season.

TVLine caught up with stars Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer ahead of this Sunday’s Season 4 premiere (BBC America, 8/7c), and in the video above, Oh teases that Season 4 picks up with a “time jump” that’s bigger than any previous season and finds Eve and Villanelle “at very different places.” Eve has “all these different skills” when Season 4 kicks off, she adds, and “is on a kind of one-way revenge mission.”

Villanelle, meanwhile, has seemingly cleaned up her act and found God, if early photos from Season 4 are any indication. “I think she’s really trying to prove something,” Comer notes, “and I think Eve is a huge part of that. She’s the first person who she wants to show what she’s done.” But “I think there is a side of her that is inherently bad, and that she can’t escape. And she’s really confronted with that at the start of the season.”

But does this mean an actual romance between Eve and Villanelle, which has been brewing for three seasons now, is ultimately doomed? As Oh sees it, “a proper romance is always doomed… that’s why it’s a romance. That’s why it doesn’t necessarily turn into a relationship. Which can be boring!” Eve and Villanelle have always had a special connection, she adds, “but it gets much richer” this season, “particularly in the very last episode.”

Eve and Villanelle’s explosive chemistry is actually what’s keeping them apart, she thinks, likening them to “two sparks that can barely be in the same room together.” But over the seasons, “they’re able to be in each other’s orbit a little bit more… so I think you’ll see them in each other’s orbit the most in this season.”

Press PLAY above to get a sneak peek at Season 4 from Oh and Comer, and then hit the comments and tell us: Do you think Eve and Villanelle can live happily ever after?

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