Killing Eve: The 10 Best Villanelle and Eve Moments, Ranked — Watch Video

Killing Eve has given us plenty of thrills over the years, but its most lasting legacy might be the relationship between its two leading ladies.

The dynamic between Sandra Oh’s MI6 analyst Eve Polastri and Jodie Comer’s hired killer Villanelle has been fascinatingly complicated since the start, with their cat-and-mouse chase evolving into a mutual obsession and even a romantic bond. We’ve seen them kiss, we’ve seen them almost kill each other… and nearly everything in between. Plus, Eve and Villanelle don’t actually share that much screen time together, which makes the scenes they do share that much more special, charged with an indescribable but undeniable energy.

Now the BBC America thriller is entering its final season (premiering this Sunday at 8/7c), and we’re feeling nostalgic, so we’re counting down the 10 best “Villaneve” (that’s Villanelle and Eve) moments so far. You know the usual suspects: their intimate near-death encounter at the end of Season 1, the bridge scene at the end of Season 3… and you know we didn’t forget Season 1’s shepherd’s pie scene.

Watch the video above to see our full ranked list and find out which “Villaneve” moment ranked as our favorite. And we know you’ll have opinions about this, so hit the comments to share your personal rankings and remind us of any great moments we may have missed.

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