Celebrity Big Brother Finale Recap: Did the Right Houseguest Win Season 3?

Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 Finale Recap

It took 29 days for the Celebrity Big Brother house to pare down this season’s 11 hopefuls, and on Wednesday’s season finale, the finalists were hungrier than ever to earn a spot in those final two seats. Even hungrier than a sleepwalking, cake-chomping Chris Kattan.

As a result of Monday’s double eviction, Todd Bridges and Lamar Odom got the boot, leaving Todrick Hall, Miesha Tate and Cynthia Bailey as the Final 3. And while crazier things have happened (I mean, who would’ve guessed that Jordan Lloyd would’ve won Season 11?), Cynthia’s going to have to win something, anything if she wants to break up the unstoppable power duo that is Todrick and Miesha.

But we aren’t holding our breath.

So who outlasted the rest and who did the jury vote as the winner of Celebrity Big Brother Season 3? Read on for the highlights from the season finale.

* After copping to being a BB superfan, Todrick makes a plea to Cynthia with hopes that she’ll take him to the finals if she happens to win the last Head of Household comp. As usual, Cynthia believes everything he says hook, line and sinker, but let’s be real: She ain’t winning jack.

* In the final HOH comp, the houseguests must figure out which of their former roommates’ statements are false from a selection of three. Unsurprisingly, Miesha destroys her competition and becomes the final Head of Household. (Is there a new “Beast Mode” in the BB ranks? We think so!)

* It comes time for Miesha to evict the final houseguest, and of course, she boots Cynthia, opting to take Todrick to the finals to face the jury. In her interview with Julie, Cynthia says she respects Miesha’s honest approach to the game. She also says she would’ve taken Todrick to the Final 2 had the decision been hers.

* Julie welcomes the jury back and gets right to the goods, asking Carson if he’d like to clear the air about his regrets. He then takes a few moments to publicly apologize to Shanna, who graciously accepts his kind words. Aww!

* In her statement to the jury, Miesha says she tried to play the game with integrity, while trying to win as many competitions as she could. She wanted to inspire her children to dream big, and show her daughter that girls can do it all. Todrick says he came in hoping to lay low, but knows he was a target from the get-go. He namedrops The Cookout, and says he wants to win because he knows the game like the back of his hand. He also adds that he never sat on the nomination block, and that he wants to use the money to make art for his community. (Live feeders: Aren’t you just a little bit tired of listening to Todrick talk about himself? OOF.)

* It’s time to vote, and Teddi tells one houseguest (TODRICK) that despite his love for The Wizard of Oz, he forgot that “we can see behind the curtain.” MIC. DROP. Shanna then says that her vote will ensure that “I never have to hear your voice again.” Todd also mentions seeing the live feeds, more or less solidifying the fact that Todrick is (deservedly) going dooooown.

* Julie reads the votes and Miesha wins by a vote of 7-1. And America’s Favorite Houseguest: Carson Kressley!

Now it’s your turn! Who were you rooting for to win the $250,000 grand prize? Drop all of your finale thoughts in a comment below.

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