Real Dirty Dancing Finale Crowns New Baby and Johnny — Which Pair Won?

Real Dirty Dancing Finale

If you found yourself genuinely surprised by the winners of Fox’s The Real Dirty Dancing, we have just one question for you: What show were you watching?

Only four potential Babies and Johnnies remained atop Tuesday’s finale, with Tyler Cameron and Anjelah Johnson Reyes squaring off against Corbin Bleu and Cat Cora for all the marbles. And while the former certainly impressed us with their progress, the latter were always destined to take home these titles.

To prepare for the final showdown at a recreation of Kellerman’s end-of-summer talent show, both couples reenacted the iconic “goodbye” scene, from the swoonworthy kiss to the dramatic exit. Corbin struck the perfect match of strong and sensual, while Cat — who literally hasn’t kissed a man in 35 years — sold the heck out of that liplock.

Tyler and Anjelah, on the other hand, were missing all of that chemistry. The way he held her face was more of a squeeze than a cradle, the kiss itself was merely a peck, and they pivoted to comedy at the end by having Baby drive away from Johnny. The show probably could have ended and declared Corbin and Cat the winners right there, but no.

Enter the army of Dirty Dancing superfans (plus a few Bachelor nuts), who filled every seat in that legendary auditorium to watch these couples attempt the movie’s final dance… including the lift. Following an opening performance from Brie Bella (a total Lisa!), Tyler and Anjelah took to the stage. And while it wasn’t perfect, we have to give credit where it’s due — Tyler’s dancing has come a long way, and they nailed that lift.

But no one who watched Corbin and Cat’s follow-up performance can possibly argue that Tyler and Anjelah did it better. Corbin and Cat’s partner work was steamy, his solo moves were on point, and the lift was absolute perfection.

So it came as a surprise to (presumably) no one that Corbin Bleu and Cat Cora were announced as the winners of The Real Dirty Dancing.

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