Drag Race UK vs. the World Episode 4 Elimination Leaves Everyone Gagged

Drag Race UK Snatch Game

Spoiler alert: The following recap reveals which queen was sent packing on Episode 4 of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK vs. the World. Proceed at your own risk, and prepare to be gooped.

First Jimbo goes home and now this? I’m officially petitioning to change the title of this show to RuPaul’s Gag Race, because here comes another twist no one could have predicted…

Let’s start by addressing Jimbo’s mind-blowing elimination, which the queens are still processing atop Episode 4. Pangina Heals claims that she picked Jimbo’s lipstick because Jujubee “did better” in the Rusical, exceeding her personal expectations — all of which is a load of crap. Pangina saw Jimbo as competition, plain and simple. And that’s OK! She should just admit it! I’d respect Pangina more if she was honest about wanting to win, rather than her trying to convince us that Jujubee has contributed anything meaningful to the competition thus far.

Pangina’s nonsense becomes especially awkward when Janey Jacké reveals that she picked Jujubee’s lipstick. “The judges kept on saying how much they didn’t feel you there and didn’t see the Juju they know,” she explains. And even Jujubee admits, “That’s fair.” (BIG. FAT. EYE. ROLL.)

Moving on… RuPaul announces that this week’s maxi challenge will divide the queens into teams of two for Snatch Game: Family Edition, led by Michelle Visage and special guest Katie Price. (Side note: Why does Drag Race insist on messing with perfection? Just give us classic Snatch Game. This family format is a little better than Snatch Game of Love, but not much better.)

OK, time to get real about these performances:

Baga Chipz as Misery‘s Annie Wilkes | Dark confession: I’ve never seen Misery. That said, I’m relatively familiar with the character Baga is going for, and I feel like she kind of nails it. The look is there, even if the accent isn’t, and the strong point of view remains consistent. I also appreciate an arc in Snatch Game, so I like that she finishes the book by the end and totally turns on Ru. I’m not obsessed with this performance, but I appreciate it.

Blu Hydrangea as Austin Powers/Dr. Evil | The mojo is strong with this one. Blu has clearly seen every Austin Powers movie multiple times, because she has those catchphrases at the ready. It’s so good, I don’t even care when she breaks the fourth wall to reveal that she isn’t the “real” Mike Myers. And the late-game transformation into Dr. Evil? Brilliant, if only for the joke about Janey needing a time machine to take back all of her bad jokes.

Janey Jacké as James Charles | Speaking of Janey… yikes. Sure, the look is there, but some jokes would also be nice. Like, even one. Unfortunately, there is nary a giggle to be found in this performance — only awkward answers. (Seriously, how is “more followers” her response to “What is quintessentially British?”)

Jujubee as Cher | We all know that Ru loves a “stupid” performance, and this is definitely that. Rather than attempt a genuine impression of Cher, Juju plays up how little she actually knows about the icon’s career. Yet it somehow… works? For example, it’s weird that Juju doesn’t know “Cher” is short for “Cherilyn,” but it’s also genius of her to suggest that her stage name is merely short for “Cher-cuterie.” It’s not great, but based on how poorly Juju has been competing this far, I consider this to be a step up.

Mo Heart as Billy Porter | This one’s fine. Nothing great, nothing terrible. She’s really just playing a heightened version of herself, which is probably why Ru suggests the character in the first place.

Pangina Heals as Mariah Carey | As far as visuals, no one nails this assignment like Pangina. If you blur your vision a little, she is Carey. And it’s a good thing, because the jokes are simply not there. She gives us one “I don’t know her,” which is fun, but it’s largely a laugh-free performance. (Unless you’re Ru, who laughs — nay, howls — at pretty much anything. Seriously, what are they feeding her?)

On the runway, category is “Luck Be a Lady.” Blu kicks things off with a high-fashion leprechaun look; Janey comes equipped with an entire roulette wheel; Juju diverts from her norm in a skin-tight, shiny dress that serves “solar-powered lucky kitty”; Mo dazzles in a flamingo-inspired costume that quite literally lights up the runway; Baga attempts a basic Irish look, which Michelle accurately likens to Chucky; and Pangina brings everyone some luck in a slot-machine costume that actually spits out coins.

Given their Snatch Game performances, it comes as no surprise when Blu and Baga are announced as this week’s top two queens. Everything after that, however? Big surprise. Huge. For starters, the rules have changed: If you aren’t in the top, you’re in the bottom, meaning anyone can be sent home. That chopping power is ultimately bestowed upon Blu after she defeats Baga to the tune of Alexandra Burke’s “Let It Go.” And she makes a choice, ladies and gentlemen.

“It’s at that point in the competition where any misstep can send you home,” Blu says. “I have loved and followed this person’s career for years, and they inspire me right to this moment. But tonight I’m sending home… Pangina.”

That’s right. PANGINA HEALS. The queens are shocked, Ru is shocked, everyone is shocked. Even worse, Pangina starts apologizing to the people of Thailand, sobbing as she walks off the runway. In fact, you can still hear her guttural sobs from the werkroom as the show comes to a shocking close.