9-1-1: Lone Star Ends a Friendly Game of Softball With a Devastating Curveball

911 Lone Star Gwen Dies

Spoiler alert: This recap reveals a major twist from Monday’s 9-1-1: Lone Star.

9-1-1: Lone Star did it again on Monday, blindsiding viewers with a jaw-dropping final twist just when all seemed right with the world.

Most of the episode revolved around a growing rivalry between the firefighters and police, led by Neal McDonough as notorious 126 hater Sgt. Ty O’Brien. What began with a viral video of Owen ripping up a citation from Sgt. O’Brien ended with a clash on the softball field, where Owen and Tommy were so desperate to win that they actually lured back Pearce (Andy Favreau) just to have him on their roster.

But the feud wasn’t truly put to bed until the 126 arrived on the scene of a burning grow house, only to discover that the cops were too stoned off the fumes to realize that Sgt. O’Brien was still inside the building. Owen rescued his new nemesis, who later showed up at the firehouse to let everyone know that the boys in blue are forever in their debt.

We also got an exhilarating B-story about Grace’s temporary new coworker Dave, whose Cheeto-dusted hands initially rubbed Grace the wrong way. (As Chester Cheetah once said, “It ain’t easy being cheesy!”) But everything changed when Dave suffered a heart attack while assisting a man who had overdosed on sleeping pills. He refused to be taken away until he knew the man survived, and Grace ultimately respected him for the lengths he was willing to go to save someone in need — even if it meant completely fabricating a traumatic story from his childhood on the spot.

OK, now forget everything you just read, because we’re about to discuss the only thing that matters now: In the episode’s final moments, T.K. received the phone call no one ever wants to get. “It’s my mom,” he told Carlos. “She’s dead.”

That’s right, folks — Lone Star just killed off Gwen (played by Lisa Edelstein), last seen earlier this season cradling that adorable little baby of hers. Reminiscent of the time Lone Star unexpectedly took Charles from Tommy back in Season 2, this off-screen death was an absolute shock.

So, let’s talk: How surprised were you by that final twist on a scale from one to “WTF?!” And what’s going to happen next? Is Enzo also dead? Will T.K. and Carlos have to raise their baby now? Am I getting way too ahead of myself? I know you have thoughts about all of this, so go ahead and drop ’em in a comment below.

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