Billions Recap: Vegans and Vanity

Billions, Taylor

Taylor has long been one of Billions‘ most fascinating and enigmatic characters because their motivations are never quite clear. This all changed on Sunday’s installment when they made a play for a huge stock buy in a vegan company, only to sell it for a substantial and calculated profit.

Even the most casual investor could tell you Taylor’s moves were manipulative and illegal, but this didn’t curb their play. And if anything, Spyros, Scooter, Rian and Wendy’s warnings only seemed to drive the financial savant more. The unexpected twist was Kate’s involvement in the deal. At first, she, too, warned Taylor about the possible legal ramifications and red flags.

As time went on, however, Taylor kept coming up with ways to make their moves appear legitimate to the SEC, and Kate eventually caved and even helped Taylor sharpen their strategy. Kate’s legal assist not only shocked Scooter but confused Wendy, who had previously advised Kate to stay true to herself and her morals. But Kate argued she had done just that because, despite Wendy’s Eastern philosophical leanings as of late, Kate is an attorney and neither a Brahman nor a monk.

Taylor, meanwhile, must be working on building their financial coffers in order to leave Michael Prince Capital, which certainly counts in the motivation department. Wendy, on the other hand, is more invested in achieving inner peace with her job and station in life. She tried to be less transactional, per her Buddhist teacher’s advice, but found herself helping Chuck with his father to assuage her guilt for poaching Kate, which meant the act was very transactional and she knew it. Back to square one.

Billions, Kate's hair is downSpeaking of transactions, Prince is still working to bring the Olympics to New York, a dream that nearly slipped away when his daughter Gail yelled at Gov. Sweeney. At first, Prince wanted Gail to apologize and play nice. But he gave up when he realized he raised Gail and her sister to speak their minds.

Prince also realized Sweeney must be pretty vain to care that much about what Gail thought of him, so he decided to win over the New York governor by naming his stadium after him, and it worked. To celebrate the victory and the profits some of his employees raked in — including Scooter’s highly skilled nephew Phillip — Prince bought everyone new Air Jordans. This sadly didn’t include Bonnie, who quit because Prince tried to punish her for not performing better in her trades and her teamwork.

Billions, Gov. SweeneyAs for Prince’s Olympics bid, Chuck lost the gubernatorial round, but he won a different victory when he convinced a tough and very smart defense attorney named Daevisha, or Dave for short, to join the attorney general’s office after she bested him in court.

Dave turned down the offer initially, but later showed up and made Chuck smile when she said she’d enjoy working with him and taking down the greedy one percenters. Huzzah.

What did you think of Taylor’s boss moves? And are you excited about an inevitable Kate and Dave showdown? Drop your thoughts in the comments. 

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