Our Flag Means Death: Taika Waititi's Blackbeard Teaches Pirate Lessons in New Trailer — Plus, Get Premiere Date

Ever wish you were a pirate? One refined gentleman gets to live out that fantasy in the new HBO Max comedy Our Flag Means Death.

The series will debut Thursday, March 3 with the first three episodes, TVLine has learned, and HBO Max also released a new trailer on Wednesday, which you can watch above. In it, Flight of the Conchords alum Rhys Darby stars as Stede Bonnet, an 18th Century gentleman who ditches his comfortable lifestyle to be a swashbuckling buccaneer. “Instead of killing with weapons,” he declares, he will “kill with kindness!” Yeah, we don’t think this is going to work out so well for him.

He struggles at first with his violent, filthy new trade, but he gets inspired when he runs into the vaunted pirate Blackbeard (played by Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi). Stede impresses Blackbeard with his unorthodox approach to pirating — “You’re a lunatic, and I like it” — and soon, he’s showing his new charge how to loot, pillage and sword fight. Stede doesn’t impress everyone, though: A British seaman mistakes him for “a heavy-set woman in a silk dressing gown” when he spots him from another ship.

The cast includes Kristian Nairn (aka Game of Thrones‘ Hodor), Ewen Bremner, Rory Kinnear, Nat Faxon and SNL alums Fred Armisen and Leslie Jones.

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at Our Flag Means Death, and then share your first impressions in the comments.