Boba Fett: I Had a Bad Feeling About That 'Rumored' Star Wars Cameo

Han Solo Boba Fett Cameo

The following contains a “non-casting spoiler” (?) from the full season of Disney+’s The Book of Boba Fett.

What were the odds that another iconic Star Wars character would pop up inThe Book of Boba Fett?

To quote a certain smuggler, “Never tell me the odds, kid.”

The Book of Boba Fett in its final weeks fielded a veritable All-Star (Wars) Team of familiar faces, starting with Din Djarin aka the Mandalorian (along with the Armorer) in Episode 5, followed by Episode 6’s sextuple play of Cobb Vanth (played again by Timothy Olyphant), R2-D2, Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson), Luke Skywalker (a digitally de-aged Mark Hamill), Grogu and the live-action debut of Cad Bane (voiced by Clone Wars/Bad Batch‘s Corey Burton).

But as if that all wasn’t enough, since early January there was a vaguely sourced “rumor” swirling ’round the quadrant, saying that Star Wars vet Harrison Ford had taken a few days off from filming Indiana Jones 5 in London to offer himself up for a digital “de-aging,” so that a post-ROTJ Han Solo could appear on Boba Fett.

It’s a good thing that turned out to be so much Bantha dung.

Setting aside the un-likelihood that Ford (who famously wasn’t a superfan of the Han Solo character) would go out of his way (again, following The Force Awakens) to improbably reprise Han, there’s the larger, plot-driven matter of:

Why would Han have even shown up?

You may say, “Well, Han and Boba Fett had a history” — and while that is true, the nature of that shared past was rooted in a bounty hunter/prey animosity. There was zero love lost. There were no favors owed, and certainly not by Han.

Still, even my skeptical self couldn’t help but wonder, when watching the Boba Fett finale… when no one could make a dent in the Scorponek energy shields… if the familiar laser fire of the Millenium Falcon would pew!-pew!-pierce the scene, A New Hope-style, and help save the day. All as Han yells a version of “Yee-haw!”

But as rousing a callback as that might have been, it’d be bogged down by the questions of how and why he was there. Han Solo surely isn’t anyone Boba would try to recruit. No, about the only theory (and it’s a wafer-thin one at that) one might put forth is that Luke Skywalker called in a favor from his good friend/brother-in-law, in the name of assisting li’l Grogu’s Mandalorian pal — provided that Luke had any idea that war was afoot in, not even Mos Eisley, but Mos Espa.

Again, wafer-thin.

So as fun as it might have been to see Krssantan get sneak-attacked by the Trandoshans in the finale, but then hear an off-camera voice say, “It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee,” before Han and Chewy step in to help even the odds, any de-aged Harrison Ford is best saved for a more logical purpose.

Had you gotten wind of the Han Solo rumor and expected him to maybe show up? Or were you more latched onto the rumor that Emilia Clarke would reprise her role as Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s Qi’ra, to weave Crimson Dawn into Boba Fett‘s crime story?

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