9-1-1: Lone Star Duo Explains How T.K. and Carlos' Split Actually Made Their Relationship Stronger — What's Next?

9-1-1: Lone Star

T.K. and Carlos’ relationship may have weathered 9-1-1: Lone Star‘s big ice storm, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be all smooth sailing for the first-responder power couple moving forward.

“Of course there’s going to be some scar tissue,” showrunner Tim Minear tells TVLine. “T.K. was right about Carlos being a complete control freak. He’s also a little repressed, and he likes things neat and tidy, while T.K. is a little more of a force for chaos in some ways. Not everything is going to be perfect, and it’ll have its ebbs and flows like any relationship. They’ll have problems to work out, but I think they’re solid.”

The Fox procedural’s four-part premiere event began by revealing that T.K. and Carlos had broken up between seasons, and it took a brink-of-death experience for them to finally confront what broke their relationship. T.K. apparently didn’t appreciate Carlos pulling a “power move” by including his name on the lease of their new apartment when he knew it wasn’t exactly in T.K.’s price range — but that was really only part of the story.

“Was it about the apartment? Yes, but it’s also about T.K., who’s an addict,” Minear explains. “I’ve said this before, but when you’re an addict, things aren’t the most dangerous when they’re bad. It’s when things are too good that you tend to sabotage yourself. T.K. made a lot of valid points, but he also a history of derailing himself. There’s a self-destructive streak in addicts. So this problem couldn’t be insurmountable. It had to be something relatable that was also a choice. And I didn’t want there to be infidelity, or for T.K. to have a relapse. It had to be something simple and stupid. That was important to me.”

“I was in shock, just like everybody else,” Ronen Rubinstein says of learning that “Tarlos” would begin Season 3 on the outs. “But I had really thorough conversations with Tim about how this could actually make their relationship and that story stronger. A smooth-sailing relationship isn’t interesting to watch, so we’ve got to switch it up. Plus, the fans were going crazy, so we definitely did our job right. Tim loves showing the journey back together, more than the actual split.”

And while it’s too soon to start printing save the dates, Minear acknowledges T.K. and Carlos moving into this new apartment theoretically brings us one step closer to the “Tarlos” wedding fans have been planning in their heads since Day 1.

“I would say that this was even more of an important step than T.K. moving into Carlos’ place last season,” Minear says. “Both of their names are on the deed. This is a big commitment. But I also don’t want to rush [marriage], and I don’t think they would rush it. But just like you would expect that at some point Chimney and Maddie would probably get married, that’s the road that all of these couples are going down if they’re serious.”

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