Superman & Lois Welcomes Lucy Lane, Sends [Spoiler] Down a Dark Path

Superman & Lois Recap

Superman & Lois reintroduced viewers to a very different version of Jenna Dewan’s Lucy Lane on Tuesday. You might even call it… a Bizarro version. But you probably wouldn’t.

After threatening to cancel Lois, Ally Alston — the kind of person who gets full-named on first, second, third and all subsequent references — joined Lucy on a podcast that successfully dismantled her sister’s case against the Inverse Society. (Wait, a minute… Bizarro is an inverse of Superman. Is there a connection there?)

While I pondered that theory, the actual Bizarro ambushed Clark at the farm. And if John Henry hadn’t called for his hammer (without wearing his gauntlet, which is very dangerous!), the encounter might not have turned out so well. With John’s suit temporarily out of commission, Clark was forced to ask the D.O.D. for help in tracking down his doppelgänger, who took off like a rocket after getting a taste of that hammer.

Naturally, that handsome idiot Anderson immediately sent his super soldiers after Bizarro, who managed to kill two of them before Clark even left his front porch. Their sacrifice was not in vain, however, as it led to what was easily the show’s coolest fight scene yet — a knock-down, drag-out melee between Superman, Bizarro and Steel. Unfortunately, John jumped back into action before his suit was adequately prepared, landing him in the hospital in critical condition.

Meanwhile, Lois plotted a little ambush of her own, sending Chrissy undercover (in a blonde wig of which I’m the world’s biggest fan) to one of Ally Alston’s conferences. But that plan backfired when the cult leader called out Chrissy by name in the middle of her presentation, only to reveal a secretly recorded conversation between Lois and Lucy that strongly implied some curious omissions on Lois’ part. Lucy accused her sister of hiding the truth to fit her personal narrative, an accusation that struck an especially sensitive chord with her newly blonde protégé, who reached out privately to Ally Alston at the end of the hour.

Also worth discussing…

* Local politics got dirty this week, with Lana’s opponent allegedly looking into every single blemish from her past — including Sarah’s suicide attempt. But when Lana and Kyle shared that troubling information with their daughter, Sarah stood her ground: “If that ignorant loser wants to attack me, fine, let him. You know what, I’d love to get up on that debate stage and tell everyone what I think of that country fried ass.” Lana got the mayor to agree that children are off limits, but he came back at her with threats of exposing Kyle’s previous drunken mistakes. As it turns out, one of those mistakes is a beautiful bartender with whom Kyle shares a naughty past.

* When Jonathan asked Candice for some “yellow mist” last week, I was certain that he was planning some sort of foolish sting operation. So imagine my surprise when he snuck a sniff of the good stuff during football practice, using his dangerous new skills to beat Timmy and get in good with the coaches. This is… bad? Yes, this is bad.

* Jordan seized an opportunity to play superhero this week, using his ice breath to stop a pair of shoplifters at his friend Denise’s convenience store. When he realized that his heroics were caught on the security camera, he made a quick call to Grandpa Sam, who gloated that scrambling the footage was “easier than Candy Crush.” And that was merely the first of many grandfather-grandson bonding moments between them, as Sam has agreed to secretly train Jordan for battle.

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