Foundation Reveals Season 2 First Look — Ben Daniels and Holt McCallany Are Among 10 Cast Additions

Foundation Season 2 First Look

It looks like Foundation’s Brother Day still isn’t a fan of genius mathematician Hari Seldon.

Apple TV+ unveiled a first look at Season 2 on Tuesday of the sci-fi series adapted from Isaac Asimov’s influential novels. The photo, which you can check out above, features the mesh crop top-wearing Cleon (played by Lee Pace) aiming a pointed stare — and finger — at his would-be foe, Seldon (Jared Harris).

The streamer also unveiled new cast additions for the forthcoming season, including Isabella Laughland (Anne Boleyn) as Brother Constant, a “cheerfully confident claric whose job is to evangelize the Church of the Galactic Spirit across the Outer Reach.” A true believer, Constant’s “courage and passion make her hard not to love.”

Newcomers also include the following:

Ben Daniels (The Exorcist) as Bel Roise: He is the last great general of the Superliminal Fleet and would-be conqueror of the Foundation. Bel is noble to a fault, but his fealty to the Galactic Empire is waning.

Holt McCallany (Mindhunter) as Warden Jaegger Fount: He is the current Warden of Terminus and guardian of its citizens against external threats.

Ella-Rae Smith (Into the Badlands) as Queen Sareth of Cloud Dominion: Used to being underestimated, Sareth employs it to her advantage, charming her way into the Imperial Palace with biting wit — all while on a secret quest for revenge.

Mikael Persbrandt (Sex Education) as The Warlord of Kalgan: This monster of a man, coiled with muscle and possessing powerful psychic abilities, is fueled by hate in his quest to take over the galaxy.

Kulvinder Ghir (Still Open All Hours) as Poly Verisof, High Claric of the Church of the Galactic Spirit: Whip-smart and sardonic, he’s also a terrible drunk — intelligent enough to see the path he’s on, but too cynical to change.

Sandra Yi Sencindiver (Bron/Broen) as Enjoiner Rue: The beautiful, politically savvy consigliere to Queen Sareth. A former courtesan to Cleon the 16th, Rue parlayed her status to become a royal counsellor.

Dimitri Leonidas (Riviera) as Hober Mallow: A master trader with a sarcastic personality and questionable morals, he is summoned against his will to serve a higher, selfless cause.

Rachel House (Stateless) as Tellem Bond: She is the mysterious leader of the Mentallics.

Nimrat Kaur (Wayward Pines) as Yanna Seldon: Although we don’t have an official description, her last name alludes to a possible connection to Hari Seldon.

Foundation centers on Seldon’s efforts to preserve the future of civilization after predicting the eventual fall of the Galactic Empire. Season 1 ended with Brother Day learning that rebels contaminated Cleon I’s DNA as well as the clones’ genetic samples, making it impossible to produce pure clones.

Meanwhile, Gaal (Lou Llobell) returned to her home planet Synnax 130 years in the future and found Salvor (Leah Harvey), who crash-landed on the underwater planet while looking for Gaal years before.

Foundation fans, share your Season 2 predictions in the comments.