Today Show's Third Hour Co-Hosts Respond to Family Guy Calling Them 'Nonsense People' — Watch Video

The co-hosts of the Today show’s third hour are pumped about their recent shoutout on Family Guy — even if it wasn’t exactly a compliment.

The reference, which was brought to the attention of co-host Dylan Dreyer by her husband, was from Family Guy‘s Jan. 9 episode, during which Peter gifts Lois a Peleton-esque exercise bike for Valentine’s Day. “I thought you’d like it,” Peter says. “I saw it on the Today show.” Lois replies, “Second hour with Hoda and Savannah, or third hour with the nonsense people?” When Peter confirms it was the second hour, Lois is immediately sold.

For the record, TVLine loved the joke — so much so that we included it in our Quotes of the Week column earlier this month. But what did the co-hosts think of Lois’ jab? We’d say they’re thrilled… but that would feel like an understatement.

“This is, like, the highlight of my career,” Dreyer said after playing the clip on Friday’s broadcast. Of course, you could barely even hear her over Al Roker’s ecstatic chants of “We made Family Guy! We made Family Guy!”

Not immediately sure what was happening, Craig Melvin asked for clarification: “We’re the nonsense people?” (He hadn’t seen the clip.)

“It’s your fault,” Sheinelle Jones said, pointing to Roker. But rather than defending himself, he simply replied, “Thank you. I wear it. I’m very happy. We’re the nonsense people.”

Melvin then raised the fair-enough point that “at least Peter and Lois are watching.” He even worked it into his sign-off, telling viewers, “We’ll be right back. More nonsense after this.”

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch the hosts react to their Family Guy shoutout, then drop a comment with your own thoughts on the third hour below.

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