Drag Race Recap: Which Queens Didn't Come to 'Play' on JLo Night?

Remember that episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race where Jennifer Lopez was upstaged by her own dress?

The Inauguration scene-stealer paid a virtual visit to the werkroom on Friday, wishing the remaining 13 queens well ahead of their “Night of 1,000 JLos” runway. But even though the singer wasn’t physically present for the main event, she was well-represented on the main stage thanks to Ms. Kerri Colby…Carrington…Morell.

The Los Angeles-based stunner stole the spotlight by sashaying down the runway in the actual Versace dress JLo wore at Milan Fashion Week in 2019, which itself was a recreation of her iconic 2000 Grammys dress — you know, the one solely responsible for the creation of Google Images.

Behold the look in all its glory:

Kerri Colby JLo Dress

But while Kerri owned the runway, she didn’t fare quite as well in this week’s insanely meta acting challenge — a fake mashup of scenes meant to serve as a supertease for Season 14 — so she found herself in the bottom two, facing off against Alyssa Hunter to the tune of JLo’s “Play.”

On the flip side, Angeria Paris VanMichaels earned her well-deserved second win of the season, surprising even herself with some fine acting chops. Of course, no one was surprised that she also slayed the runway, rocking her version of JLo’s 2019 Met Ball look. (Can we talk about how Angeria has two wins under belt after just three episodes? She was already a clear frontrunner, but now we’re thinking she stands along as the queen to beat this season.)

Additional kudos go to Willow Pill, who impressed the judges with her acting (“Where’s Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman?!”) as well as her interpretation of JLo’s 1998 Grammys getup.

Now back to the bottom two… Alyssa, who also turned it out in a sexed-up replica of JLo’s 2018 Billboard Awards pantsuit, was slightly more prepared for battle than Kerri, who wondered, “How in the hell am I going to lip sync in this dress? If I mess up this dress, y’all will lose me. I won’t be found. I’ll be dead.”

Despite her fashion handicap, Kerri put up a good fight, making use of both the dress’ natural flow and her own natural beauty. Alyssa, meanwhile, strutted around the stage with confidence… until she was betrayed by her own money gun. She gave a strong performance, but all anyone took away from it was how that gun did her dirty.

In the end, Ru opted to keep Kerri. But before Alyssa sashayed away, we got another delicious moment of truth as she unwrapped her potentially life-saving chocolate bar. Sadly, it was [sad trombone] another regular ol’ bar of chocolate.

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