And Just Like That's Cynthia Nixon Defends Miranda's Treatment of Steve: 'That's the Thing About Breakups…'

Yes, many Sex and the City fans are upset that Miranda and Steve are headed for splitsville on And Just Like That…, but Cynthia Nixon thinks the demise of their marriage is actually realistic.

The actress said she understands fans’ dismay in an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, but she added: “That’s the thing about breakups, you know? Oftentimes, there’s one person that is making the breakup happen and another person who is reluctant. But I have to say: That person who is reluctant is pretty miserable, too, and they’re just not admitting it.”

Nixon’s character Miranda Hobbes has been married to Steve (played by David Eigenberg) since the original Sex and the City series. But in the HBO Max revival, Miranda has fallen in love with non-binary queer comedian Che Diaz (played by Sara Ramirez) and asked Steve for a divorce to pursue a relationship with Che.

In the interview — which you can watch above — Cohen peppered Nixon with more And Just Like That burning questions, including this puzzler: “Is Che Diaz’s comedy… funny?” (A giggling Nixon responded: “I, and Miranda, think it is.”) She also discussed the absence of Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones (“I love how we addressed it head-on in the first minute”) and the storyline about Miranda’s alcoholism (“A lot of us were drinking more than we should during the pandemic”).

Press PLAY above for more of Nixon’s thoughts on And Just Like That, and then hit the comments and share your thoughts on the Miranda/Steve split.

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