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Resident Alien Season 2 Premiere: EP Chris Sheridan Details Crucial 'Lesson Harry's Got to Learn' — Plus, Grade It!

Resident Alien Season 2 Premiere

Harry Vanderspeigle may be back in Patience, Colo., but he doesn’t have to be happy about it.

In the Season 2 premiere of Resident Alien, Harry’s ship crash-lands back on Earth, and when he comes to, he’s in the hospital suffering one hilarious identity crisis. (He even tells a nurse he’s an alien sent here to kill everyone, but she chalks it all up to head trauma!) By the time Asta arrives, Harry’s completely off his rocker, clueless as to who he is and what his mission was, causing her to work overtime to keep him (and the truth) in check. It’s only when he’s reunited with his telepathic octopus relative (voiced by Nathan Fillion) at the ramen restaurant that he finally snaps out of it.

But just because he saved little Max’s life during the crash doesn’t mean he’s enthused about the boy gobbling up all of his cereal and inserting himself into his life. In fact, the boy’s mere existence continues to irk the extraterrestrial.

“Finding Max in his ship with him was incredibly frustrating for two reasons,” creator and executive producer Chris Sheridan tells TVLine. “One is because he wanted to go home, and also because he has to realize that — even if he doesn’t want to acknowledge it — he’s human enough to not have just tossed Max out into space and kept going on his way. He literally came back to save Max, which is not something he wants to admit that he did. Now he’s stuck here and blames Max for it.”

Being trapped on planet Earth as a “fish out of water” peeves him even more in Season 2, especially since his creeping humanity is something he seemingly can’t escape.

Says Sheridan: “Being in a place where you’re unhappy, what do you do? Do you make the best of it? Do you try to get out? Sometimes you’re stuck, and having good relationships and friendships, and learning to appreciate what you have is sometimes the only way. It’s a lesson he’s got to learn.”

Elsewhere in the premiere:

Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 1-Mayor Ben and Kate are exploring new kinks (ball gags! choking!) in their relationship as a result of surviving the home invasion by Agents Casper and Logan last season. And let’s just say things get weird.

-Max and Sahar fabricate a sewage leak fib to keep people away from Harry’s (now invisible) ship that’s planted in the middle of the baseball field. (I, for one, definitely don’t want to experience… whatever “eye-arrhea” is. Sahar is pretty convincing!)

-Sheriff Mike has suffered a tragic loss, one that he is still trying to run away from. This mystery person died six years ago, but the exact details of Mike’s past have yet to be revealed. (Read what Corey Reynolds had to say about his character’s upcoming story here.)

-Max makes a truly freaky discovery: He’s gone all Jumanji, with his chest having sprouted heaps of hair! Has being in space somehow accelerated his childhood?

-Finally, the octopus plants a terrifying seed in Harry’s brain. Since Harry failed his mission, his people are bound to follow him to Earth to finish the job. And that means everyone will die… even Asta.

So what did you think of Resident Alien‘s return? Grade the premiere below, then let us know your thoughts in the Comments. 

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