New Amsterdam: A Shocking Betrayal Upends the Resistance — Plus, Who's Leaving? And Who's Staying?

New Amsterdam Recap

The Resistance has come to an end on Tuesday’s New Amsterdam, and the person responsible for exposing it was not who we thought it would be.

After walking into a covert surgery in the morgue, Veronica summoned Floyd, Lauren, Iggy, Dr. Wilder, Dr. Castries and the rest of their rebellious cohorts. In the middle of laying into them, she revealed that, shockingly, it was not Dr. Castries who spilled the beans, but Floyd — gasp! — who came to her with his concerns about the off-the-books surgeries and the dangers they pose. In return for his honesty, Veronica asked him for a list of procedures he would like reinstated.

As for the others, Dr. Wilder tried to resign, but Veronica wouldn’t accept her resignation since her department is profitable. Veronica also threatened to report Dr. Wilder to the medical board if she walked. Meanwhile, Lauren had been contemplating leaving the hospital for the sake of her sobriety and sanity, but after everything she’d seen that day, she wanted to stay. Veronica, however, said that wasn’t up to her and accepted her resignation. (Isn’t that just called firing someone?) Finally, Veronica removed Iggy as the head of his department since he still isn’t seeing enough patients for her liking.

After witnessing just how terrible things have gotten at New Amsterdam under Veronica’s watch, Helen told Max that he couldn’t go back to London. “This is your fight,” she said. All their friends and colleagues are fighting back, but “they’re losing because you’re not here,” she added. Then she ordered him to stay and fight, and when he wins, he should come back to her.

“What if I lose you?” Max wondered.

“Losing me is impossible. Now you get in there and you show them what you’re made of,” she urged him, before kissing him with a smile. So at least it appears “Sharpwin” aren’t calling it quits while Max fights the good fight.

New Amsterdam fans, what did you think of Floyd’s decision? Was he in the right about the risky surgeries? And was betraying his friends worth getting much-needed procedures reinstated? 

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