9-1-1: Lone Star's Ice Storm Unleashes More Hell in Week 3 — As for T.K., 'It's Pretty Clear Where This Is Headed'

9-1-1: Lone Star

9-1-1: Lone Star made like Elsa on Monday, letting its ice storm rage on for the third week in a row. But unlike that Frozen queen, the cold bothered pretty much every member of the 126.

Let’s start with Owen, who began the hour by heroically disarming the coyote threatening his new friends. Unfortunately, with more coyotes on the way, Owen needed to safely relocate his entire crew — including the guy whose leg he just re-broke — to his cabin. One of the men refused to follow Owen’s lead and journeyed into the blizzard alone, only to be gunned down in cold blood by a crooked sheriff.

The sheriff, who claimed to be a “private contractor,” eventually made his way to Owen’s cabin, where he held everyone (including wrong-place-wrong-time Sadie) at gunpoint. But along came Marjan to create a distraction by blowing up the sheriff’s car, allowing Owen to wrestle the gun out of his captor’s hands. (That’s the second time in one week, for those of you keeping score at home.) Extra points to Sadie for delivering the final blow.

In the aftermath of their adventure, Marjan filled Sadie in on all the drama with the 126, prompting her to ask Owen: “Why won’t you sign that letter of apology? Is it an ego thing? Is it a guy thing?” Honestly, it was pretty hysterical hearing a third party break it all down in such simple terms. Owen still isn’t ready to give the letter his official John Hancock, but the events of the past three weeks definitely pushed his hand closer to the pen.

Then again, we suspect Owen will be even more inspired to do so when he’s brought up to speed on the situation with T.K., who “woke up” at home with his mom this week. (Oh, Lisa Edelstein. Always a welcome sight.) Only he’s not really home. He’s very much still in the hospital, where his heart is back in rhythm but the rest of his vitals haven’t returned to normal. According to the doctor, T.K. is on the verge of multi-system organ failure, and a guilt-ridden Tommy didn’t mince words when she told Grace that it’s “pretty clear where this is headed.” Keeping T.K. sedated may help, but if his vitals continue trending downward, they’ll lose him.

Speaking of dangerous medical situations, the episode ended with Grace — en route to the hospital after going into labor — getting her car stuck in the snow. Oh, did we mention that Billy is with her? We certainly wouldn’t call him the most ideal passenger, but if you’re forced to have a baby in a car in the middle of a blizzard, you could do worse than having a seasoned first responder by your side.

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