Snowpiercer Video: Daveed Diggs and Rowan Blanchard Preview Overheated Season 3, Tease Melanie's Return

It’s gonna be a hot one on the pirate train when Snowpiercer Season 3 pulls away from the proverbial station this Monday night.

When last we tuned into TNT’s dystopian drama, Andre (played by Daveed Diggs) had orchestrated it so that he and a handful of other friendlies explosively broke away from Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean) and Big Alice, in their own 10-car pirate train. Before doing so, Andre made sure to hold onto Miss Audrey (Lena Hall), Wilford’s No. 1 gal, so as to ensure the safety of his baby momma Zarah (Sheila Vand), who was still on Big Alice. Andre, Alex (Rowan Blanchard), Josie (Katie McGuinness), Ben (Iddo Goldberg), Bess (Mickey Sumner) and others then set out to rendezvous with Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) at the research station, only to determine that they were in fact too late.

When the series picks up six months later (this Monday at 9/8c), the pirate train crew is continuing Melanie’s mission, following a trail of weather satellites to seek out any “warming spot” on Earth, where the big freeze is finally subsidizing.

Thing is, though, as Alex sorta puts it in an early episode, the pirate train is basically a jet pack strapped to a roller skate, so it is very prone to “running hot” as Diggs and Blanchard share in the video Q&A above. (Conversely, Big Alice is running ice cold, making for extra-bleary conditions as Alison Wright’s Ruth, Steven Ogg’s Pike and other friendlies struggle to maintain the resistance.)

Diggs and Blanchard in the video above also talk about how those among the pirate train’s skeleton crew have had to take on new roles… Alex’s new, sisterly bond with Bess… Andre’s Josie/Zarah dilemma… how Miss Audrey will try to eff with her captors… and, of course, the fact that Connelly will be seen again as Melanie this season, even though the intrepid engineer very seemingly perished.

How do you think Melanie will (somehow) resurface? Watch the video Q&A above and share your latest theories on the Snowpiercer pirate car. vs. Big Alice!

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