Book of Boba Fett Recap: Ship Happens — Plus, Who Has Joined Boba's Team?


This week on Disney+’s The Book of Boba Fett, a few more blanks got filled in — including how exactly Boba found and saved Fennec Shand, and how he got his ship back.

In the seven-episode season’s midpoint, titled “The Gathering Storm,” we pick up straight away with a Bacta tank session, during which Boba remembers roaming the sands atop a bantha, bereft in the wake of the Tuskens’ slaughter. During one campfire meal, Boba spies on the horizon what we know to be the charge shots that the Mandalorian and Toro Calican had fired into the sky, to blind and (eventually) get the drop on Fennec Shand — after which Toro, left alone with the would-be assassin, fatally-ish shot her.

Biba finds the wounded stranger and lugs her to a mod parlor (run by Thundercat aka musician Stephen Lee Bruner), plopping down a satchel of credits to get Fennec fixed up good. (Ergo his affinity for the mod youths he recruited last week?) One way-too-bubbly music montage later, Fennec wakes up alongside Boba’s latest campfire and gets a quickcap on her resurrection. Fennec surmises she is simply worth more to the “late” Boba Fett alive than dead, but he makes clear his actual purpose: he wants her help getting back his Firespray ship (fka Slave I), which is currently parked in Jabba’s palace. With the help of a tiny scanner droid, they get a sense of the considerable manpower they would be up against, and decide to sneak in quiet, during a hole in the guard patrol.

Doing so by way of a lasered-open grate, they land in the kitchen, where Fennec gives slices the “throat” of a cleaver-swinging chef droid. Then, after a comical bit involving a cat-like ratcatcher droid, they head down to the bay, where they are met by a first wave of guards. After Fennec and Boba make quick work of two Gamorreans (who will work for them one day?), she lays cover fire as he dashes into his ship to get it up and running. Fennec picks off a few more grunts with her rifle then leaps onto the Firespray, all as Boba steers it in a circle, struggling to get the bay door open. Fennec pulls off some cool moves and bests another opponent while on the ship’s stern, then uses her rifle to trigger a cantilever that opens the bay door.

Boba insists that they then seek out his Beskar armor, which surely survived the Sarlacc Pit — though it’s a puzzle why he doesn’t recall escaping in it? And sure enough, as they poke the Firespray’s nose into the beast’s gullet, it snaps to life and tries to pull them in. Boba can’t get off a good shot, but Fennec makes her way to a button that drops a bomb into the Sarlacc’s belly, neutralizing it. Afterward, Boba details his long game — to get out from under the thumb of the “idiots” who hire and put bounty hunters in easily avoidable danger, and lord over his own, small empire. And he sure could use someone with Fennec’s brains and brawn at his side. She contends that she is an “independent contractor,” but will go along for “the ride” for now.

The next day, Boba tends to another bit of unfinished business, using the Firespray’s gunnery to lay waste to the bikers he assumes were behind the Tuskens’ slaughter, though Fennec earlier did question that Niktos could ever get one over on Sand People….

Boba Fett

BACK IN THE ‘PRESENT’…. Boba emerges from what apparently will be his final Bacta tank session, as his butler droid congratulates him on being fully healed. With the mayor still MIA and a Pyke army apparently assembling, Boba sees fit to show his face in town, so they swing by the Sanctuary — where Krrsantan the gladiator Wookiee simply cannot enjoy his grog while Trandoshans (no friends at all to Wookies) repeatedly titter over gambling winnings. Boba looks on as Krrsantan starts throwing the Trandoshans around like rag dolls, then raises the final one up off its feet, to…? Garsa Fwip quickly intervenes, remidning Krrsantan of his glory days as a gladiator for whom thousands used to cheer, as he did grisly things. But that was then and this is now, she nudges the Wookiee, so there is no honor in dismembering the Trandoshan now in his clutches.

But he rips the creature’s arm off anyway. Boba gives a shrugging Garsa points for trying, then catches up to Krrsantan outside, to recruit him to his team. Later, Boba and Fennec, with Krrsantan in the wings, meets in his throne room with the Trandoshan, Aqualish and Klatooinian crime family bosses, asking for their alliance against the looming Pyke threat. When they question giving up their slice of the Pykes’ spice trade and not just usurping Boba themselves, his pet Rancor rumbles from beneath the grate under their feet, jutting a talon or two through its holes. Getting back to business, Boba asks that if they won’t join him, that they neither betray him, if wooed by the Pykes — and the three families agree to abide.

As the dinner guests later march away from the palace, Boba and Fennec agree that they could bolster their ranks further. And with the credits Boba has on hand, Fennec says she knows how to parlay that treasure into added muscle…

What did you think of Boba Fett Episode 4 of 7? Who do you think Fennec has in mind to beef up their ranks? 

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