SEAL Team Recap: Nuclear Option — What Important Call Did Jason Make?

seal team 5x13

This Sunday in SEAL Team‘s penultimate Season 5 episode (directed by David Boreanaz), Bravo had a difficult decision to make ahead of their biggest strike yet against the Venezuelan nukes program.

When last we tuned in, Clay and Ray had confronted Jason with the truth about his role in the Mali building collapse that landed Bravo in the hospital. After at first choosing denial, Jay came to accept the truth — and with the help of Ray and a former SEAL named Marc Lee, sought “enlightenment” via psychoactive cactus juice.

Coming off of that odyssey, there was a new, welcome peace among Clay, Ray and Jason (who joked that after working the problem when they get back home, has “another 20 years” left in him). In fact, Jason even chose to come clean to all of Bravo, Davis included, about his Mali eff-up and overall memory issues. No one expressed any sense of betrayal or got to second-guessing; instead, Davis simply took stock of who knew what when, after which Sonny had a new appreciation for Clay leaving his newborn in NICU back home, in order to watch Jason and thus Bravo’s six.

With new intel having come in about the Venezuelans’ underground uranium refining facility, Jason told his Bravo brothers to meet privately to discuss if they should bail on a mission halfway done, continue without him, or forge ahead, BAU. While the fellas talked, Davis and Jason checked in on each other, with Lisa making clear that she is still getting the stink eye from the brass for her white paper — but Jason’s likely TBI, she says, makes clear that she did the right thing, drawing attention to the need to worry about the war fighters and not just the war fighting.

SEAL Team 5x13The rest of Bravo summoned Jason, to announce that they needed to read him in on the precarious attack plan that he will be a part of. The plan is for Bravo (plus Smith, as they are destined to be outmanned/outgunned) to infiltrate the textile plant via truck, which they will need to haul the 800 lbs. of explosive charges Sonny has built up to blow eight total support pillars/pancake the refining facility. Davis meanwhile will serve as overwatch, alone, from a van parked topside. Things first go a bit sideways when Jason and Clay bump into a maintenance man, who they bag and bind and stuff into Davis’ van. That creates a situation when Davis goes to launch the drone, and the panicked prisoner attempts to flee. After Davis forces him back into the van and drives away, she realizes that the bag used to cover his head got left behind — and it is immediately found by a VSP foot patrol.

SEAL Team 5x13As a result, Bravo’s lugging and rigging of the charges is interrupted by the arrival of numerous armed VSP. Here, Jason makes a very meaningful call — for Clay to lead the gunfight by the entrance ramp, joined by Brock and Smith, while Jay, Ray and Sonny stay behind to finish up the charges. Clay, Brock and Smith just barely neutralize the first wave when Sonny realizes that there are nine support columns, so they are one critical charge short. It is decided to use their truck to smash into/compromise that extra column, leaving Bravo to now exfil by foot — and with a second wave of VSP gunning for them. Davis meanwhile pulls around to the new exfil point, and realizes that their egress will be blocked by a heavy steel door.

With munitions running low, Bravo manages to outgun the VSP, only to discover the steel door standing between them and a quick exit. But just then, the door is ripped from its hinges by a hitch attached to the back of Davis’ van. They all then hurry into the van and look forward to getting the Hell out of Venezuela. Alas, no sooner is that wish expressed  than they see several local police cars, cherries a-popping, heading for them…

What did you think of the final episode before next Sunday’s season finale?

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