The Game Recap: Big Revelations — Plus, Grade the Finale

Hosea Chanchez in The Game

The Game is changing for several of the Paramount+ series’ main players.

Thursday’s high-stakes finale saw Malik confront his mental health issue head-on, Brittany look inward and Tasha Mack face an enemy she might not be able to beat.

BRITTANY’S DILEMMA | Brittany was well on her way to making Club End Zone a reality, even securing support from the Colonel. But using Tasha Mack’s name without her permission was not the best way to do it, and Tasha fired her for the betrayal. With her dreams shattered, Brittany began packing up her belongings with the intent of leaving Las Vegas, just like she fled San Diego and Miami when things got difficult.

After finally looking inward, Brittany decided that she would work to regain Tasha’s trust. She applied for a part-time host gig at the club — much to Tasha’s dismay. But after convincing Tasha that she’ll do whatever it takes to earn back that trust, Tasha agreed to let her work at Club End Zone for home games only. That didn’t mean Tasha has forgotten what she did, but it was a good start as they work toward reconciliation.

The Game revivalPlus, after nearly walking out on Jamison, Brittany decided to give their relationship a real shot. However, Jamison is still taking the painkillers he purchased off the books for an injury, which may bring trouble for the couple in the future. Oh, and Jamison’s ex-girlfriend Allison is back in town.

TASHA V. THE COLONEL | Tasha knew the Colonel had a thing for her, and since he was rich, he was the perfect option to help her purchase her daughter’s school, the Oakmont Sports Academy. But the Colonel only agreed to a deal after Tasha gave him a minority stake in the Tasha Mack Sports Agency.

MALIK’S BREAKDOWN | The pressure was on as Malik tried to negotiate new terms with the Colonel on behalf of the team, who contemplated striking. Malik pushed for lifetime healthcare, and the Colonel countered with a different offer: team ownership for his loyalty.

Caleb urged Malik to sign the contract, but it didn’t feel right to Malik. He tried to reach out to Tasha for counsel, but she ignored his call since she was interviewing a potential new assistant. Caleb continued pressing Malik to either sign the contract or confess what he did. This spurred a breakdown in which Malik sobbed, saying he killed his best friend. Jamison tried to console him, but Malik insisted he would be fine. He just needed to “unburden” himself. That meant going live on social media to share his story. He spoke of the hallucinations and the guilt he felt over his best friend’s death and declared that his next step would be to seek out professional help.

“My name is Malik Wright, and I have a mental health issue,” he said.

THE FINAL SHOWDOWN | Game time arrived, and Colonel worried the team would not play. He tried to pressure Tasha to convince Malik to get the team on the field, but she remained unimpressed by his tactics until he threatened to move up the deadline on the massive loan she took out to purchase the sports academy. He bought the bank that controls her loan so if she didn’t pay up, he’d take everything she had. Her fate depended on whether the players took the field.

Malik delivered the Colonel’s final terms to the team, but it wasn’t enough. As they walked through the tunnel, each player placed their helmet down in solidarity. The Las Vegas Fightin’ Fury went on strike. Game on.

What did you think of The Game‘s season finale? Grade the episode below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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