Dexter Recap: Who Didn't Survive the Showdown Between Dexter and Kurt? And Did Angela Get Closer to the Truth?

Dexter New Blood Episode 9

Dexter and Harrison are finally on the same page, but should we be relieved… or scared?

In Sunday’s (penultimate!) episode of Dexter: New Blood, the heat is on and the bodies are piling up. As Dexter and Harrison bond over their dark urges, Dad teaches his son everything he knows. Though Dex attempts to conceal the actual murder involved in his quite murderous history, everything is soon revealed when the duo works together to take Kurt down once and for all. But who didn’t survive the ordeal, and what other puzzle pieces has Angela put together in her Bay Harbor Butcher research? Read on for a full recap of “The Family Business.”

As Dexter stalks a clown at a children’s playplace center, he tells us that waiting for the justice system to take down bad guys isn’t an option for him. While he bides his time waiting to terrorize Mr. Wiggles, Dexter creeps through a maze of mirrors and breaks into a supply closet. In a voiceover, Dexter explains his dark passenger to Harrison. “Sometimes, I have the urge to hurt people,” he tells the boy. He confesses that he also saw his mother murdered when he was young, and this realization seems to be sweet relief for Harrison, who previously thought he was alone in the world.

As Dexter explains Harry’s code, we see him rifling through the clown’s belongings. He finds a lunch box filled with photos of children dressed in clown makeup. Dex says he “fixes things” by ridding society of monsters, as he takes down Wiggles while donning an adorable red clown nose. Dexter stabs him in the chest, but stops short of telling his son that he actually kills his victims. (Minor detail!)

Elsewhere, Angela is still on the hunt for photos of the Bay Harbor Butcher’s victims, all of whom have needle marks in their neck.

Dexter New Blood Episode 9 HarrisonDexter gifts Harrison with a huge rifle, and tells the teen that Kurt has been killing women for 25 years. He hasn’t told Angela yet because he doesn’t have proof… yet. Though he does have a plan.

They go to Angela’s house to exchange gifts, and everyone’s happy and hopped up on monkey bread… until Kurt crashes the party. When he leaves, Dexter abruptly announces that he and Harrison must bounce as well. Harrison suggests they do to Kurt what Dexter did to Wiggles, but Dad says they’ve got to find proof first, so it’s off to the cabin they go. Harrison confesses to what he did to Ethan. “I set the whole thing up so that I could get away with it, maybe even look like a hero,” he says. YEAH, WE KNOW, KID.

Harrison questions what Dexter did to Wiggles, and says it doesn’t feel like justice. When he was 12, he fantasized about tracking down the Trinity Killer and killing him with his own razor. Dexter says he understands, but again falls short of telling him the full truth. Using the drone, they find an odd vent near Kurt’s property. They vow to check it out once the sun goes down.

Angela goes to see Selena, and asks to look at the books on ketamine purchases. Of course “Jim” is on the list, having claimed it was for his goat. Later, she dives into Molly’s episode on the Butcher.

Kurt douses Dexter’s house in gasoline and sets it ablaze, pointing his laser scope directly at the front door. Only Dexter and Harrison aren’t home; they’re pulling up to Kurt’s cabin to check out the vent. Dexter picks a lock, and opens a secret hatch in the ground. It’s rigged with a camera, which alerts Kurt to what they’re doing, but the two climb on down anyway. What they find below is Kurt’s own version of a kill room, or at least where he brings the bodies to drain after he shoots them dead.

It gets worse.

They follow a long corridor to find bodies encased vertically, wall to wall, like a museum exhibit. All of the women he killed stand tall like trophies, and as they walk on, we see Molly’s body among the pack. Harrison then asks if Dexter killed Wiggles, and he comes clean. He also admits that he killed Trinity for what he did to Harrison’s mother. “This motherf–ker needs to die, too,” Harrison says. Dex kisses his son on the head.

Dexter New Blood Episode 9 Angela Meanwhile, Angela is looking into Molly’s Iron Lake exit. According to the guy at the Tavern, Molly checked out and left a note. But when they check her room’s lockbox, they find something she’d never leave behind: her recorder.

Dexter and Harrison eventually take Kurt down with the signature syringe, then Dexter shows his son how to create a kill room. They wake Kurt up, and tell him it’s the end of the road. Kurt says he “saved” the runaways he killed. He saw the eventual turmoil they would’ve endured. He gave them a safe room and a warm meal, he says, but they always wanted to escape. But Dexter knows Kurt’s BS was all about power. He loved the hunt, the capture, the terror of it all. “You deserve to die,” he says.

Dexter tells Harrison that he doesn’t have to watch, but when the boy gives the OK, Dexter plunges his knife deep inside Kurt. He then gets to work sawing the body to pieces. The oozing blood gives Harrison flashbacks to his mom’s murder, so he escapes outside for some air. Father and son bring the bags of body parts to the town incinerator. No more missing women. And the dark passenger remains quiet.

They arrive home to find their cabin completely scorched. Angela and Aubrey are on the scene, and of course, Angela wants to know where they were. Aubrey invites them to stay at their house, and when they all get back to Angela’s, the chief of police finds a note in her mailbox. It reads: “Jim Lindsay killed Matt Caldwell.” Packed inside are more of Matt’s pesky titanium screws.

What’s going to happen in next week’s finale? Drop your best guesses in the Comments.

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