OWN's Kings of Napa Trailer Uncorks a Mess of 'Super Saucy' Family Drama

It’s “for richer or pourer” in the wine-soaked trailer OWN dropped Sunday for its new primetime drama, The Kings of Napa (not to be confused with ABC’s Latino Falcon Crest, Promised Land). In just over a minute, the ultra-stylish preview serves up an intoxicating blend of bitchcraft and Beaujolais as well as a premise that’s, ahem, ripe with potential.

After the King clan’s patriarch exits stage left from their Napa Valley vineyard, his wife and kids are plunged into a power struggle that dredges up long-buried secrets and a bumper crop of sour grapes. And not for nothing, but heroine August’s “mama is acting like she’s the first Black person to be backstabbed by her family,” cracks scene-stealing Aunt Yvette. “This mess goes back to Othello.”

Per the official logline for the show, which debuts Tuesday, Jan. 11 (8/7c), the telegenic Kings are “an aspirational African-American family whose wealth and status lands them on the pages of design magazines and society pages. The wine business has brought the family success and acclaim, but… ”

Because there’s always a “but.” Following Dad’s departure, his three children — August (Ebonée Noel), Dana (Rance Nix) and Christian (Ashlee Brian) — are left to fight Empire style over the company that keeps them seated comfortably in the lap of luxury. “Business is hard,” sighs mom Vanessa (Karen LeBlanc), “but family is a beast.”

In other words — Yvette’s, to be specific — “It’s about to get super saucy up in here, child.”

Press PLAY on the video above to check out the trailer. Then hit the comments. Will you tune in to see how Merlot the Kings will go to keep pressing their grapes of wrath?