Sistas' Ebony Obsidian Asks for a Kinder Karen — Will Tyler Perry Oblige?

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Karen Season 4

Ebony Obsidian isn’t thrilled with her character storylines as of late on Tyler Perry’s Sistas.

That’s because Karen used to be the one fans rooted for when she dealt with Zac’s infidelities, the STD he gave her, and all the drama she endured with Aaron as well. But in the second half of Season 3, as the Zac/Fatima aka “Zatima” narrative took flight, Karen was re-imagined as a vengeful and petty ex-girlfriend who struggled to keep her hooks in Zac (and his newfound wealth).

She popped up at Andi and Fatima’s job and picked a fight, and then ambushed Zac with pregnancy news before she’d even taken a test. Making matters more complicated, the paternity of Karen’s unborn baby is unknown because she also hooked up with Aaron. As a result, some “Zatima” fans have been attacking Obsidian on social media.

It only makes sense then that when Obsidian appeared beside her castmates on The Tyler Perry Show: The Sistas After Show Edition on Wednesday night after the Season 3 finale, she let it be known that she’d love a fresh start for her character when Season 4 premieres (Wednesday Jan. 5 on BET).

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Karen and Zac goodbye“It’s a matter of timing,” Obsidian said to Perry, the panel and the audience regarding Karen and Zac. “Sometimes people are just not good for each other, they don’t bring out the best in each other. And I’m just excited to see what happens when Karen learns to support herself, because she can. She’s supporting other people. So I’m really excited. I root for Karen.”

Perry — who had allowed Obsidian to go last when responding to a question about characters’ happiest moments — followed up by asking the actress if she was “sending a message to the writers’ room.” But as everyone knows by now, Perry is the only one in the drama’s writers’ room.

To this, Obsidian responded, “No, but if you hear me.” Perry said he did, adding, “The room hears you. The whole room hears you.” And although he said this, his next response was a head scratcher.

“I think that you gotta be careful if you’re in a toxic relationship,” Perry said, referring to Obsidian’s Karen. “The sex is good and you can’t break away from the sex, and that ain’t the reason to stay.”

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Karen phoneWhile Obsidian shook her head in agreement initially, she wasn’t quite done pleading for Karen to get a fairer shake.

“I think it would be lovely if Aaron were the father,” she later said when a fan’s email questioned the paternity. “It would be a little more stable in terms of just the interactions between the two of them.”

Obsidian also conceded that Aaron (played by Kevin Walton) has troubles of his own, just like Devale Ellis’ Zac.

“Sometimes we don’t see how it’s a different mess. Not that he’s not a good man but we get blinded,” Obsidian offered. “Maybe someone does crazy things and we think it’s not so bad when it definitely is. We gotta address that, writers’ room, at some point.

“I’d love for Karen to find a level of support that she’s never had,” Obsidian concluded. “I’d love for her to stop dating men that are like her father. I would love for her to really accept that she’s not perfect, and that’s OK, but she definitely deserves love.”

What do you think of the way Karen has changed on Tyler Perry’s Sistas and do you think Perry should make her more lovable again? Drop your thoughts in the comments. 

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