Tyler Perry's Sistas Season 3 Finale Recap: 'Zatima' Fights Back — Grade It!

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Zac thinks

Every man should be lucky enough to have a woman like Fatima on Tyler Perry’s Sistas in his corner. 

Not only did Sis not trip when Zac told her Karen is pregnant during Wednesday’s Season 3 finale, but she asked what all of us have been thinking: How did he know it was his baby? Zac said that Karen would know for sure, based on how far along she was after she saw the doctor soon, and Fatima seemed to relax a little. After all, there is no need to worry when all the facts aren’t available yet.

But then Zac said he had more bad news. This is when Fatima poured more wine in her glass, and Zac told her to give him the bottle. He then told Fatima about Hayden showing up at his new house and threatening him and saying he would go to the feds and tell them Zac was guilty of insider trading unless he left Fatima alone.

Fatima said Hayden couldn’t prove anything, but Zac was still worried. She also told Zac that this wasn’t devastating news; this was life. When Fatima laughed and made jokes, Zac asked why she was so calm, and Fatima said life is for living.

The two spent the night together, and the next morning, Fatima got a call from Robin saying that he and Andi were in a business meeting with a client and Andi would be late. (More on that later.) Fatima hung up and chuckled to herself because she knew Robin and Andi had done the nasty and Robin was attempting to cover his tracks.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Fatima and HaydenA groggy Zac then walked in, and Fatima said she was worried about him because he tossed and turned all night. Zac said he was still worried about Hayden, but Fatima told her boo she would handle it. Zac said the fact that Fatima was all dressed in white scared him but it was dope. Fatima looked like a thick Olivia Pope, and she sold the vibe with her determination to “handle the situation.” Nice touch.

And she wasn’t kidding. Fatima ambushed Hayden by getting into the passenger seat of his car. Hayden joked about sending Zac to prison, and she said he couldn’t prove anything. Hayden then said he wouldn’t stop digging until he could prove Zac was guilty, and Fatima tried reasoning with him one last time. She said threats of going to the law partners because he’d illegally listened in on her calls didn’t seem to matter, and Hayden said they didn’t.

Fatima also mentioned that she’d asked Hayden nicely to leave her alone, but that didn’t make a difference either, and Hayden answered in the negative. That’s when Fatima took out her brass knuckles and busted Hayden in the nose a few times, and dude was shocked.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Andi nightmareWhen he punched Fatima in defense, she laughed. She said she wanted him to hit her, and then she whistled, and two burly roughnecks jumped out of a nearby unmarked van and commenced to whooping Hayden’s punk ass. And it was glorious. Fatima, who had been helped out of the car by one of her henchmen, strutted away because the situation had been handled.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t handle Andi’s nightmare. After waking up from a passionate night with Robin, he blindsided her with an unwelcome appearance by Gary. This can’t be real, right? Surely this is a fever dream. Guess we’ll find out in Season 4. Meanwhile, Maurice had a breakthrough with Sabrina when he realized he had been trying to save Que because his own father struggled with drug abuse. And Danni hooked up with El Fuego, and Preston caught her redhanded.

What did you think of the Season 3 finale? Are you proud of Fatima, afraid of her or a little bit of both? Grade the finale in our poll, and drop your thoughts in the comments.

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