Ghosts Welcomes Veep's Matt Walsh as Hetty's Hubby — 2022 FIRST LOOK


2022 First Look PhotosGhosts is scaring up another spousal visit for one of the spirits, and this one comes with its own rude awakening.

As part of our 2022 First Look series, TVLine has an exclusive preview of Veep vet Matt Walsh’s guest spot in the Jan. 20 episode (CBS, 9/8c) as Hetty’s philandering robber baron husband Elias Woodstone, who’s been trapped on the estate’s property since his death in the 1890s.

“Upon reuniting with Hetty, Elias discovers that the once-obedient wife who he last spoke to 130 years ago, has undergone some changes, particularly of late,” co-showrunner Joe Port tells TVLine. “She now does things like ‘have opinions of her own’ and ‘stand up for herself,’ and Elias blames Samantha, the Living that recently moved in, for filling Hetty’s head with such ‘newfangled notions.'”

Walsh’s casting was fortuitous, seeing as how “we were looking for an actor who resembled the painting of Elias that we had established in the second episode,” Port shares, “and to our delight, we realized that he looked just like Veep‘s Matt Walsh, of whom [co-showrunner] Joe Wiseman and I have long been huge fans. And thankfully, Matt agreed to come do the role.”

Ghosts returns with a new installment on Thursday, Jan. 6 at 9 pm on CBS; a #Ghostmas Viewers’ Choice Marathon airs this Thursday, Dec. 23 from 8:31 pm to 11 pm, and will feature the following episodes: “Pete’s Wife,” “Viking Funeral,” “D&D,” “Alberta’s Fan” and “Possession.”

Check out an additional exclusive photo below, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Hetty’s hubby!


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