The Resident EP on Billie's (Romantic?) Feelings for Conrad: 'It Would Be Only Natural' for Her to Have a Crush

The Resident Conrad Billie

The Resident executive producer Andrew Chapman can’t currently say whether Billie Sutton has romantic feelings for Conrad Hawkins. But let him put it this way: If she were to develop a crush on him during Season 5, he wouldn’t blame her.

“Everybody loves Conrad. He’s a lovable guy, he’s heartfelt and he’s compassionate. What’s not to love, right? And he’s this dedicated dad,” Chapman tells TVLine. “Without giving too much away, I think it would be only natural if Billie were kind of interested in him, right?”

At the end of the Fox drama’s Nov. 30 episode, Billie was notably the one to encourage Conrad to explore a potential spark with Marion, who works in Chastain’s daycare center and has a bond with Conrad’s daughter, Gigi. And yet, even more notably, when Conrad walked away and indeed asked Marion to join him and Gigi for ice cream, Billie looked particularly crestfallen to see the trio leave together.

When asked if Billie’s crushed expression might indicate a deeper interest in Conrad, Chapman will only describe Billie’s feelings toward the doc as a “juicy and mysterious” part of Season 5’s remaining episodes. But as The Resident gets closer to pairing Conrad with a new love interest — co-showrunner Peter Elkoff previously confirmed that “he will end up with somebody” by the end of the season — Chapman at least confirms that Billie is one of those potential partners, as someone who “obviously shares history with him, and a love of the person who’s gone.”

“It hasn’t been a bunch of years for our audience, but in our show, it’s been a bunch of years since Nic died, and [Conrad has] obviously been focused on his daughter and being a doctor and neglecting his own… let’s call it ‘needs,'” he says with a laugh. “He’s a guy who’s just testing the waters, seeing what that’s like. There’s a bunch of possible ways it can go. Marion’s there, but also here’s this new character, Cade, who’s kind of sexy and interesting and mysterious. And then there’s Billie… We want to show that he’s human, he has human needs, and he’s being very careful. He doesn’t want to break any hearts. He doesn’t want to hurt anybody. But he also wants to lead a life again.”

The Resident‘s fifth season resumes Tuesday, Feb. 1, at 8/7c.

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