Yellowstone Sneak Peek: Stalked at His Own Home, Kayce Is Ready to Take Aim

If a man’s home is his castle, Yellowstone’s Kayce may want to raise the drawbridge on his. How come? As you’ll see in this exclusive sneak peek from Sunday’s episode, “No Kindness for the Coward” (8/7c on Paramount Network), John’s golden boy is just chilling on his porch with newly named dog Sunka when he realizes he’s being eyeballed by…

Is that a wolf? In fact, it is. Maybe even the same voyeuristic one that got its jollies watching Kayce and Monica get it on back in Season 3. Whether it or it isn’t the same one, though, Tate’s dad, perturbed as one would be, places a call to Mo to express his surprise at seeing a wolf east of Big Timber.

Though Thomas’ right-hand man promises to speak to the chief about this most unusual of occurrences, something more pressing is on his mind — and unlike his check-in with Rainwater, this can’t wait till the next day. “Kayce, whatever you do,” Mo says, “don’t shoot it.”

Doing so wasn’t exactly on Kayce’s to-do list, he replies, but if the wolf starts creeping up on his horses, then damn right he’s going to… “If it goes near your horses,” Mo interrupts, “it’s a test. If you shoot it, you fail.”

Tricky test, that. What do you think the wolf’s unannounced drop-in means? Is it a metaphor? A spy sent by Avery to keep tabs on her crush and Monica? And most importantly, will Kayce pass the test? Press PLAY on the clip above to watch, then hit the comments with your best guesses.

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