Canada's Drag Race Finale: Did the Right Queen Win Season 2?

Drag Race Canada

The words “Queen of the North” were spoken so many times during Thursday’s finale of Canada’s Drag Race, we half-expected Sansa Stark to appear on the main stage like Beetlejuice.

Sadly, this was not the Game of Thrones crossover of our dreams. Instead, it found the three remaining contestants — Icesis Couture, Kendall Gender and Pythia — recording and performing their own verses to Brooke Lynn Hytes’ single “Queen of the North,” which was not a song we knew existed before watching this episode. (It seems Canada’s hostess has picked up a few marketing tricks from Mama Ru.)

The finale also welcomed back reigning queen Priyanka, who joined the finalists in a series of self-directed photoshoots. It was actually very cute watching Priyanka pal around with her potential successors. Like most good-natured Canadians, she plays well with others.

Now, let’s talk about odds: While any of these queens had the potential to win, Pythia entered the finale with a slight edge on her competition. She and Icesis have both won two challenges this season, but Pythia has never found herself in the bottom two, whereas Icesis had to lip sync for her life on multiple occasions. Meanwhile, Kendall has one win under her belt and only fell into the bottom once.

As for the queens’ big performance, the whole thing was just kind of a shrug. Their verses were fine, if not a little generic, and they all brought similar looks and vibes to the stage. It wasn’t “bad,” but it also won’t go down in herstory alongside the likes of “Read U Wrote U” and “Kitty Girl.”

For their final runway presentations, Icesis stepped out in a gorgeous, angelic white dress, adding a wacky little mouthpiece to keep things interesting; Kendall aimed to “showcase the skin I’m in” with an “elegant, edgy” look; and Pythia had everyone’s jaw on the floor when she emerged looking like the statue of a goddess straight out of Ancient Greece. (We didn’t think Pythia could outdo her previous looks, ranging from two-headed glamour to a literal centaur, but this might have done it.)

But before the judges could reveal their decision, they needed to see the queens compete in one more lip sync smackdown. Following a passionate three-way performance of Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” Priyanka returned to the stage to crown… Icesis Couture!

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