Transplant Season 2: Bash and Mags Respond to a Crisis — 2022 FIRST LOOK

Transplant Season 2

2022 First Look Photos

Personal issues are put aside as the Transplant docs rush to the scene of an accident in TVLine’s exclusive first look at Season 2 of NBC’s Canadian medical drama import.

In the above photo, Bash and Mags (played by Hamza Haq and Laurence Leboeuf) find themselves dealing with a major emergency when a bus full of kids crashes. Of course, treating the children takes priority, but it’s not the only crisis facing the doctors in the season opener.

As viewers will recall, last year’s finale concluded with Bash spotting a Syrian woman with whom he seemed to have a connection. (Upon recognizing her, Bash responded, “I thought you were dead.”) Well, that surprise visit is only going to get more complicated: “Bash’s life is upended when he is reunited with a woman from his past,” reads the official episode description.

“Bash is fighting with everything in him to be a doctor again and rebuild his life in a new country, but seismic shifts at work and an old face from the past have shifted things yet again,” creator/showrunner Joseph Kay tells TVLine.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bishop (John Hannah) is still unconscious following his stroke, which will greatly impact his colleagues at the hospital. “Mags begins the season grappling to find her footing professionally — and with her mentor Dr. Bishop’s fate unknown, she, like everyone on Transplant, is going to have to adapt,” Kay previews.

Elsewhere, Theo (Jim Watson) faces repercussions from his family after taking a full-time job away from home, and June (Ayisha Issa) has an important career decision to make.

Transplant Season 2 debuts in Canada on CTV on Monday, Jan. 3; it does not yet have a premiere date at NBC. In the meantime, check out the exclusive photo, then hit the comments with your hopes for the upcoming season!

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