SNL Video: Billie Eilish Comes to Regret Inviting a Neighbor to Christmas Dinner

Saturday Night Live host/musical guest Billie Eilish teamed up with a returning Kate McKinnon to bring us the formula for a perfect holiday sketch.

The recipe is as follows:

• 1 part the scene from Love Actually, with the romantic cue cards
• 1 part that story about the grandma who accidentally invites a stranger to Thanksgiving
• 3 parts Rear Window
• Shake, pour, garnish with Psycho and serve.

McKinnon plays a sad elderly woman on Christmas, and Billie Eilish is an empathetic young girl in the apartment building across from her. They begin trading notepad messages scrawled in felt tip as a melancholy piano ballad (Slow Moving Millie’s “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want”) plays. The first minute could easily be mistaken for a commercial from Honda or Zales or Target, reflecting on togetherness for the holidays… until it all goes very wrong, of course.

The old lady slowly reveals that she’s not quite the sweet octogenarian she seems to be. Rather, the girl finds out through her messages that her neighbor is racist, anti-Semitic and weirdly into eating pets. A creepy son (Mikey Day) eventually appears, though he turns out to not be as scary as his mother — even after leering at her naked when changing.

It’s all masterfully undercut by sweet moments that only make the next bizarre revelation all the funnier. Cherish your family, the woman writes… because mine are dead. “Dead to me at least. They voted for a woman president. Disgraceful.”

Eilish nails the awkwardness of trying to uninvite someone from a party without seeming rude — which can be tough, even if they have Munchausen by proxy and are possibly a murderer.

In the end, it actually is a commercial. If you don’t know what NextDoor is, it’s a wonderful app that helps you connect to your neighbors while also letting you know how horrible they are, so maybe connecting with them isn’t such a great idea? The perfect message for the holidays.

Elsewhere in the episode, McKinnon made her Season 47 debut as Dr. Fauci, teaching us all how to navigate Omicron while trying to celebrate with our loved ones.

Watch the digital short by pressing PLAY above, grade the episode below, then let us know your thoughts in the Comments.

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