The Voice: Well, Duh — Obviously, Season 21's Winner Is Going to Be…

The Voice Predictions

Season 21 of The Voice has been a roller-coaster ride for viewers. Excellent singers like Team John Legend’s Samuel Harness have been eliminated. Dubious ones like Team Ariana Grande’s Jim and Sasha Allen have gotten further than arguably they should’ve. And somehow Team Legend’s superlative Jershika Maple was forced to sing for the Wildcard Instant Save during Tuesday’s Semi-Finals Results Show.

At least she did, in fact, win the Instant Save.

Could the powerhouse win the whole shebang, though? Deserving as she is, it’s doubtful. Just ask Rose Short (Season 17), Kennedy Holmes (Season 15), Kyla Jade (Season 14)… Need I go on?

Of the other four acts in the pretty-damn-excellent Final Five, Team Blake Shelton’s Wendy Moten, despite awe-inspiring pipes that scored her a chart hit in the ’90s, has too often seemed detached in her performances to be a real frontrunner. The audience can’t invest in her if it doesn’t feel like she’s invested in the lyrics she’s singing.

the voice season 21 winner prediction girl named tomTeammate Paris Winningham is a beyond-fine vocalist but has failed to generate any real mania. Team Kelly Clarkson’s Hailey Mia has the “OMG, she’s only 14” thing going for her — her coach has reminded us of her age frequently enough to make sure of that! — but has no wow factor. Also, you’ll recall, she had to sing for the Instant Save to survive the Live Playoffs. That just leaves…

Yep. Team Kelly’s Girl Named Tom. The Liechty siblings have their detractors, sure; does anyone on TV not? Recap commenters have complained that they’re the same-old, same-old week after week (ignoring that their “same-old” is stunningly beautiful). Readers have suggested that Bekah is carrying her brothers — and, on the flipside, that they’re carrying her. But at the end of the day, they deliver a one-two-three punch that I predict is going to prove unbeatable:

1. Their vocals aren’t just good, they’re exquisite. See — or, better yet, hear — below.

2. They’re so comfortable on stage, you’d swear they were born with mics in their hands.

3. They have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Viewers are overall as excited about them as their coach, to the point that they’ve never lost. They won their Battle. They won their Knockout. And they’ve never been up for elimination. Ever. What’s left for them to win but the whole contest?

What do you think? Do you agree Girl Named Tom is a lock to emerge victorious? Ahead of Monday’s finale (8/7 on NBC), vote in the polls below, then hit the comments with your hopes/predictions.

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