Nancy Drew's Tunji Kasim on the Fallout From Nick's Sudden Disappearance: 'It's Going to Cause a Bit of Drama'

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A mystery hit close to home for the Drew Crew earlier this month when one of their own mysteriously disappeared. And although Nick has been found (whew!), there are still quite a few questions left to be answered.

“There’s stuff that he needs to figure out, and stuff that he and George need to figure out, and it’s going to cause a bit of drama,” actor Tunji Kasim (aka Nick) tells TVLine. “But that’s what we’re here for.”

Nick went missing in the final moments of Nancy Drew‘s Nov. 19 episode, following an intense recollection of everything he’s been through — including the deaths of Nancy’s mom and Tiffany, his break-up from Nancy, his proposal to George, and his new position as the head of the youth center. He’s experienced “10 different journeys,” few of which he’s apparently taken the time to process.

“He tends to solve other people’s problems before looking at himself and solving his own,” Kasim says. “There are worse ways to deal with personal trauma than to help other people, but it’s also important for him to help himself. He’s constantly trying to catch up with himself, so there’s a bit of a reckoning that’s going on internally. Big events in your life make you reconsider where you are and where you want your life to go. He definitely has some soul searching to do.”

Speaking of helping people, tonight’s midseason finale (The CW, 9/8c) picks up shortly after Nick’s estranged “friend” Eve arrived in Horseshoe Bay seeking his assistance with a possible murder-type situation. Conventional wisdom says he shouldn’t get involved — which means he definitely will.

Referring to Nick’s journey as an “evolution, an ongoing conversation [with the writers],” Kasim admits he’s never quite sure which direction Nick is going to go in. That said, he’s proud of the show for leaning into what works organically. “The chemistry between Nick and George,” for example, “became pretty evident early on, so we decided to pursue that. And we as actors are all in constant conversation with the writers and producers. It’s cool to feel like I’m part of that process, instead of just being told what to do.”

Speaking of Nick and George, here’s some behind-the-scenes intel on their big proposal scene: “I hope this doesn’t ruin it for everyone, but we filmed that in a fish storage factory,” Kasim says with a laugh. “So what you can’t see to the side are boxes of canned lobster that were tastefully removed from the shot. But with all the flowers and decorations, it was very fantastic. And to have the whole Drew Crew there, plus the Fan sisters, felt very special.”

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