Chicago Med EPs Preview Fall Finale's 'Big Surprises,' 'Awkward' Attraction

Chicago Med Spoilers

Chicago Med is rocking the mistletoe in this Wednesday’s fall finale (NBC, 8/7c). So will there be some unexpected kissing under the holiday decoration?

“Could be,” executive producer Andrew Schneider coyly replies. And from the teasers below, it sounds like any number of pairings could potentially be locking lips.

The EP also hints at an “explosive” final note to the episode. “Very big surprises come out at the end,” Schneider previews. Read on for more scoop on the fall finale’s twists and new romances.

A NEW TRIANGLE | If you sensed a vibe between Crockett and his mentor, transplant surgeon Dr. Pamela Blake (played by Suits vet Sarah Rafferty), you’re not imagining it. “I think it’s pretty clear that Crockett is attracted to Blake and and also to her daughter” Avery (Johanna Braddy), who also appears in this week’s episode, executive producer Diane Frolov says. As Crockett’s situation gets even “more awkward,” his and Dr. Blake’s mentee/mentor relationship “muddies things up,” Schneider adds.

THE TRUTH COMES OUT | Will’s covert investigation into Matt and the VasCom medical fraud comes to a head with “a very explosive ending to that story, and then a lot of fallout in the back half of the season,” Frolov previews. Throughout the ordeal, Will has been put “into conflict with his colleagues” and “he’s had to be disingenuous with people,” Schneider notes. “But at the end of the day, he feels like he’s doing something that has to be done.”

Chicago Med SpoilersFRESH ROMANCES | When not being Goodwin’s undercover agent, Will has formed a bond with Stevie, even helping her look for her mother. But he also accepted device rep Jessa’s invite to go out. Schneider hints at a couple of surprises on that romance front in the finale, as well as when the show resumes on Jan. 5. “We’re going to explore [Will’s] love life a little bit,” the EP says.

BUILDING BRIDGES | Dean Archer hasn’t exactly made friends with his colleagues at the hospital, but that might slowly be starting to change this week. “We have a big story with Dr. Charles and Dr. Archer, where we see another side to Archer, and it deepens the relationship between Charles and Archer,” Frolov shares.

Chicago Med SpoilersFAMILY RELATIONS | Vanessa and Maggie — who, last we saw, gave her biological daughter something to help her pass a drug test — are also in store for “a big surprise” in the fall finale, which will carry over into the 2022 episodes. “There will be fallout from this relationship, professional fallout, for both of them,” Schneider teases.

Chicago Med fans, hit the comments with your predictions and hopes for the fall finale!