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The Flash: Tom Cavanagh Weighs In on What 'Armageddon' Event Is Really About, Teases Thawne's Final (?) Move

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The following contains major spoilers from the Dec. 7 episode of The Flash aka “Armageddon” Part 4.

This week on The Flash, we learned that the five-week event titled “Armageddon” was a Trojan horse of sorts, leading as it did to the reveal that what we and Barry in fact have been witnessing is… a Reverse-Flashpoint!

After Barry sped to 2031 (when he allegedly causes Armageddon), he was stared down by Iris, Chester and other Team Flash members and friends — all because, he later learned, Eobard Thawne had traveled back in time to, among other things, kill young Barry Allen and create a “Reverse-Flashpoint.” As such, Thawne emerged as The Flash, wound up wooing Iris/making her his “lightning rod,” and formed a team also comprised of Chester, Frost, Cecile and Ryan Choi aka The Atom. (Allegra, we learned, made tracks some time ago for London, after she and Chester both handled their first hook-up badly.)

Flash 2031

Other fun facts from this altered timeline: Batwoman‘s Ryan Wilder in 2031 is mulling having a baby with wife Sophie Moore (and Iris was the maid of honor at Ryan’s own wedding); Supergirl’s Alex is still with Kelly; and Frost and Chillblaine have formed a bit of a dynamic duo.

Among the not-fun facts: Barry as Reverse-Flash is responsible for killing Cisco, Ray Palmer and the entire Legends of Tomorrow team!

Flash 8x04To right this extremely wrong reality, Barry tried to trick Reverse-Flash’s ally, Damien Darhk, into helping, but quickly confessed that he is a good guy trapped in an altered timeline. Darhk, sensing that Barry was telling the truth (including about how Damien sacrificed himself to save daughter Nora), agreed to assist, though Thawne managed to stay a step ahead.

In the end, it came down to a standoff between Barry and Eobard, where Iris — sensing again and again that she and “Allen” share a past/connection — used an immobilizing ray gun on her fiance instead. Barry then set out to speed ’round and ’round the globe in order to reach Mach 20 and open a time portal/undo Reverse-Flashpoint, even though doing so would risk literally breaking the world (ergo, Armageddon). Barry pulled it off — with a needed final boost from “lightning rod” Iris — and returned to the proper 2021, where he looped in Despero on Thawne’s grand ruse and then hopped on the phone with a very much alive Joe West.

Thawne, though, is not down for the count. Rather, in a final scene he has suited up in the new Reverse-Flash suit and entered the Time Vault. “Nobody uses time against me,” he hissed. “I will change what’s about to happen,” he said to Gideon, “and you will help me.”

Speaking with TVLine about Part 4’s big reveals, Tom Cavanagh among other things questioned whether Thawne really offed a wee Barry Allen. “I can’t see that happening,” the Flash alum offered. “He, being I, may have uttered those words, but… that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

Cavanagh then had some fun acknowledging how “Armageddon” was a slight misnomer, seeing as a Reverse-Flashpoint was really at play. “‘Huh, let’s see…. Tom’s gonna wear the Flash suit, so what’s an appropriate name for this event? Armageddon!'” he said with more than a bit of sarcasm and a hearty laugh. “It’s extremely unflattering if you’re me, but it’s also largely appropriate.”

Getting a bit more serious, Cavanagh then seemed to suggest that Thawne’s next move might not entirely play out within the fifth and final episode of “Armageddon” (airing next Tuesday, as the winter finale).

“Grant Gustin on The Flash is such light, and you can’t have a light without a darkness to put it in — but you still want to be able to see some stuff,” Cavanagh explained. “I [as Eobard] like to pace myself, let me put it that way. Read into that what you will.”

That indicates that whatever Thawne does next as his act of revenge, “I don’t want it to be an immediate, all-consuming darkness. I like to play things out a bit and give myself someplace to go,” Cavanagh added. “How’s that for generalities!”

What did you think of the penultimate “Armageddon” episode?

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