Santa Inc. Trailer: Sarah Silverman's Elf Aims to End White Male Santa Trend in HBO Max's Very Adult Animated Series

An elf named Candy Smalls has big, bleepin’ plans to upend the North Pole’s patriarchy in the NSFW trailer for Santa Inc., HBO Max‘s adult stop-motion animated series.

Premiering Thursday, Dec. 2 (with all eight episodes), Santa Inc. finds Sarah Silverman (Wreck-It Ralph) voicing Candy, an intrepid elf/executive vice president at the North Pole who will do anything to succeed Seth Rogen’s holly-jolly VIP and thus be named the first female Santa — “even if she has to fight like a man to get it.”

The voice cast also includes American Horror Story‘s Leslie Grossman (as Cookie, a frazzled gingerbread woman), Empire‘s Gabourey Sidibe (as Goldie, an openly bisexual reindeer), The Office‘s Craig Robinson (as Junior, the leader of Santa’s sleigh-pulling reindeer pack), Succession‘s Nicholas Braun (as Devin, a frat boy from North Pole University who helps out Candy), Big Mouth‘s Maria Bamford (as both Mrs. Claus and Big Candy aka Candy’s mom) and Sunnyside‘s Joel Kim Booster (as Santa’s chief of staff).

Watch the NSFW trailer above and let us know if you’ll be up in Santa Inc.‘s business next week.

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