New Amsterdam's Jocko Sims Previews Fall Finale Crisis, Reynolds' 'Fight' for Lyn, Imminent 'Sharpwin' Departure

New Amsterdam Spoilers

Max and Helen’s departure day is imminent in Tuesday’s New Amsterdam fall finale (NBC, 10/9c), and their friends and colleagues at the hospital are not happy about it.

The couple will start saying their goodbyes this week as they prepare to leave New York behind for a new life in London. It’s a tough reality for everyone to swallow, including Dr. Floyd Reynolds, who “is not handling it that well,” his portrayer Jocko Sims tells TVLine. “Max offers up a gift to him and everyone, in fact, and we’re not so excited about this very thoughtful parting gift. We just want him to stay, and I get the luxury of mentioning that to Max and explaining for everyone how we really feel about it.”

Max and Helen’s farewell tour is brought to halt not by their friends, but by a “super bug that hits the hospital,” Sims previews. “It’s quite scary, especially coming out of the situation we’ve had with this pandemic on the show, as well. So we freak out, and it’s just not good timing.”

Plus, antagonistic medical director Veronica “is not there, initially, as well, so it makes it very difficult for us” in handling this crisis, Sims notes. (Or is her absence perhaps a blessing in disguise?)

New Amsterdam SpoilersReynolds will also be contending with more fallout from his relationship with Lyn and the termination of her husband Claude. “Lyn is a bit bothered by something, and Reynolds, initially, thinks this has something to do with Claude now being fired, which he tries to express has nothing to do with him,” Sims describes. “Veronica was pitting them against each other. Maybe [Lyn] goes at this like it’s his fault, but all of it has made everything so complicated now.”

Despite the challenges of their unconventional relationship, Sims believes Reynolds “absolutely” wants to make it work with Lyn. “He’s just crazy about this woman. I mean, he’s doing things that are a little bit out of his moral compass, and he feels like this is worth the fight,” Sims says. “Where they end up, time will tell.”

Although Reynolds was presented in past seasons as more of a traditionalist when it comes to love and family, Sims says he was both surprised and not surprised that the doc was willing to enter into a polyamorous relationship. “Much like us men in real life, you say one thing, and it’s something else,” the actor shares. “And then we make a decision or we claim to be this type of person, and then you end up somewhere else, and that was Reynolds.”

“He wanted to have a Black wife and a Black family, [but] he had this relationship with Bloom, initially,” Sims continues. “He wanted the picket fence and all that, but then he ends up in the polyamorous thing, which I don’t think he set out to be [in]. Initially, it was presented to him as, ‘My husband is OK [with this]. We have an open relationship,’ and that’s turned into something quite different.”

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