SNL: Target Has What You Really Need for Hosting Thanksgiving in Ad Parody

One thing that Saturday Night Live can truly be relied upon is to help you feel seen during the chaos of the holidays. Remember “(Do It on My) Twin Bed?” Or “Best Christmas Ever?” The first great sketch of this season to hit a little too close to home has arrived in the form of a Target commercial parody.

It’s been a while because of the pandemic, so you may not remember just how much friction a huge family Thanksgiving could be. Fortunately, SNL has not. This commercial covers everything you need to handle all the infuriating folks who are coming to your house. Check the list to find yourself on this list of holiday offenders!

* Are you the super-crunchy hippie demanding tofurkey because of a “horrifying” Netflix doc?

* The uncle who takes the backyard football game way too seriously?

* Maybe you’re the sketchy one who goes outside to smoke and gets way too drunk to drive home?

* You could be the grandpa who is … um … less-than-woke when it comes to social issues?

* Are those your kids tearing up the basement because you’re not paying attention to them?

* Or are you one of the many folks trapping people into uncomfortable conversations about death or cryptocurrency. Please, please, please don’t be the old man with the creepy commentary about women much too young for you.

Simu Liu has a lot of fun playing the tofurkey guy, and Ego Nwodim does an amazing job tying it all together as the put-upon host of the dinner. Also, judging by the audience reaction, a lot of people have to deal with random dogs eating out of their kitchen garbage.

Share your thoughts on the Target parody (watch the clip embedded above) and the rest of the Simu Liu-hosted episode.

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