Call the Midwife Stars Share Fond Memories in Season 10 Special, Guess Which Actor Could Really Deliver a Baby

Call the Midwife, Sisters Julienne and Monica Joan

Actress Jenny Agutter, best known as Sister Julienne on PBS’ beloved drama Call the Midwife, reverently declares that the series “depends on human interaction more than most.”

That said, Agutter adds that when she sees pregnant women in real life, she gets as far away from them as possible so they don’t mistake her for the baby-delivering nun she plays on television. Linda Bassett, who costars as Nurse Phyllis, agrees and says she will continue to leave such duties to the experts.

And Helen George, who has brought fan favorite Nurse Trixie to life since the show began in 2012, squeamishly adds that she is a much better actress than she is a midwife.

“I think I’d probably run in the other direction,” George says with a chuckle. “It’s not like it is on TV in real life.”

But as fans will see when the Season 10 anniversary installment Call the Midwife: Special Delivery airs Sunday at 8/7c, Judy Parfitt is as bold and brave as her character Sister Monica Joan, and she believes she could deliver a baby if need be.

Call the Midwife, Nurse Lucille and patientThis is just one of many playful and revelatory moments in the hour-long special that features current and past cast members, as well as series creator Heidi Thomas and composer Maurizio Malagnini, who says creating music for the birth scenes is his favorite part of the job.

The actors share their favorite moments as well as the plotlines that brought them to tears. This includes the heartbreaking death of Sister Evangelina (Pam Ferris) in Season 5.

Call the Midwife is a little bit like a watch,” Thomas says in the special. “If you take the back off it, you’ll see all these tiny individual cogs. And not only does each have a role of real importance, but it works in conjunction with other wheels and cogs. Every character in this drama has a particular relationship with another one.”

Are you excited to see the Call the Midwife cast celebrate the show’s Season 10 milestone? Are there any secrets you hope will be revealed? Drop your thoughts in the comments.