Legacies Recap: As Hope's Rampage Continues, [Spoiler] Finds Peace

Legacies Recap

Clad in more leather than ever (because all transitions come with a free wardrobe upgrade), Hope kicked off Thursday’s Legacies by taking on the entire Super Squad — and they never stood a chance.

MG and Kaleb? Staked. Ethan? Decapitated. Jed’s heart? Ripped out. Hope even snapped poor Josie’s neck after humoring her attempt at a sleeping spell. At this point, it became fairly obvious that the gang was merely facing Hope in a simulation, but that didn’t make it any more enjoyable. It was kind of like the big battle at the end of the last Twilight movie — only I was relieved when these characters ended up still being alive.

While the Squad licked its wounds, real-life Hope was busy blowing up Clark’s new life in the suburbs. Sorry, make that Ryan’s new life. Just a few weeks after becoming human, Ryan has already managed to secure a steady job and a steady girlfriend — both of which he lost when Hope showed up claiming to be his mistress. (Consider it a treat for all you Hope/Clark ‘shippers. I know you’re out there!)

Naturally, Hope framed this as a favor, like she was freeing Ryan from some sort of white-picket prison. But the truth is, she just needed his help tracking down the bloodlines of the witch, werewolf and vampire who created Malivore. If only he agreed to help Hope when she first asked, poor Trudy could have been spared all that pain. This really felt like her villain origin story if you ask me. The only thing I fear more than a tribrid… is Trudy.

Ryan eventually agreed to guide Hope to a Triad facility where a record of the original bloodlines was kept — along with a delightful nightmare known as an argus. (Think gross, toothy and covered in eyeballs.) Though the argus got away from them, the duo’s mission was a success, after which Ryan returned to his dream of a boring suburban existence. And did you see the look on Trudy’s face when she asked Ryan to tell her “everything” about vampires? I’m telling you, Trudy is going to end up as this season’s Big Bad.

Also worth discussing…

* Skipping class was just the beginning for bad-girl Lizzie, whose determination to pull Alaric out of his coma led her to attempt one of the darkest spells in his secret journal. Josie attempted to play the role of Jiminy Cricket, but Lizzie’s mind had already been made up. “I’m putting Dad first,” she said. “Even if I have to do it alone.” But while Lizzie’s intentions were good, the spell required her to steal the life force of a dying stranger and use it to restore Alaric, something she couldn’t go through with when the man’s daughter arrived to say goodbye. “I can’t guarantee that I’m not going to do something worse tomorrow,” she told Josie. “I think I need help.”

* Of course, Lizzie isn’t the only Saltzman sister going through it at the moment. Without Lizzie on the same page, Josie feels alone in her grief — or whatever she’s supposed to be feeling while Alaric remains in Limbo. Finch delivered another touching speech to show her support (“The world’s not going to fall apart if Josie Saltzman breaks down a for a little bit”), but I still feel like this situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

* Speaking of Lizzie and Josie, remember that magical tree they conjured up before Hope transitioned? It turned out to be the tribrid equivalent of a white oak — and Cleo knows exactly what that means.

* Kaleb’s attempt to prove himself leader material backfired (literally) when his frustration manifested in the form of fire breath. And although he admitted that he still has some things he needs to work on, it’s a little suspicious that he didn’t pass along Ryan’s tip about the argus to the rest of the squad. Does he think facing it on his own will prove him worthy?

* Lastly, a revelatory run-in with Ted’s “first Chad” helped earn him and Landon tickets aboard the ferry to Peace. (“I knew it! Self-sacrifice is always the bloody answer!”) But before they got a chance to hit the open water, they were greeted by a familiar voice. “You got room for a third?” Alaric asked as he sauntered up to the docks. (No, Alaric! Don’t go into the light!)

Your thoughts on this week’s eye-opening hour? (Get it? The thing with all the eyes?) Anyway, drop a comment with your theories and reviews below.

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