SNL Video: Ted Cruz, Joe Rogan Check In on Vaxxed Big Bird on Sesame Street

Saturday Night Live this week opened with a Sesame Street-adjacent program from “Newsmax Kids” (which is almost certainly become reality in a few years).

In “Cruz Street,” Aidy Bryant plays the Texas senator surrounded by the classic Sesame Street Muppets (naturally, it’s a gated community). Cruz is soon but too briefly joined by Marjorie Taylor Green (Cecily Strong). “Here kid, you wanna hold an AR-15?” she says offering her gun, before dissing him for refusing.

Big Bird (Kyle Mooney) looks like hell after famously receiving the vaccine last weekend, and reports, “My feathers fell out, my nuts got huge, and my doink don’t work!” He gets advice from, of all people, Joe Rogan (Pete Davidson in a bald cap), who offers zinc, ayahuasca, and “horse medicine.” (Did the company that makes Ivermectin threaten to sue if they use their name?)

Bert and Ernie are played in especially creepy costumes by Alex Moffat and Mikey Day. (Humans playing human puppets are weirder looking than humans playing animals and monsters, apparently.) They slip in under Cruz’s gaydar even though they announce their engagement and go off to excitedly take a bath together.

The high point of the sketch is Chris Redd as Oscar the Slouch, embodying every awful stereotype conservatives are afraid of. He swoons around his garbage can while crowing that, “I use your tax money on drugs and pornography!”

The bit ends with Chloe Fineman’s Britney Spears, which feels like maybe Lorne Michaels was hoping to get the actual the Britney but had to settle for a cast member instead?

Were there any Muppets you missed in this sketch? Wish you had seen James Austin Johnson as Kermit? Guy Smiley stans please stand up? Watch “Cruz Street” above, and then weigh in on this week’s cold open in the Comments below.

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