Doom Patrol Finale: It's Time for Larry to 'S–t or Get Off the Pot' in Sneak Peek

Is Larry Trainor finally ready to open himself back up to love by way of absorbing the baby alien parasite he unwittingly birthed earlier this season? That incredibly common and relatable problem is just one of many tackled in Thursday’s Doom Patrol finale.

TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek of the episode, titled “Amends Patrol,” finds Matt Bomer’s bandage-wrapped character grappling with his aforementioned daddy issue. With Vic and several of Kay’s personalities standing in for a much-needed therapist, Larry weighs the pros and cons of once again becoming possessed by a supernatural being.

“Until this moment, every major event in my life was forced on me,” he says. “Society forced me into my marriage, Chief pulled the strings to have me cross paths with the Negative Spirit. But if I let him in, it’ll be my choice. And if it goes sideways, which it always does, then I’m the only one to blame. Maybe I should have just left him in the woods, to the elements. All I’ve really done is draw this experience out.”

Vic isn’t about to let Larry give up on his “baby” that easily, but will he succeed? Hit PLAY on the video above to join in Larry’s existential crisis, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Doom Patrol‘s impending finale below.

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