Lucy Hale Explains What Drew Her to the 'Dark, Gruesome' World of AMC+'s Ragdoll — Plus, Watch New Trailer

Lucy Hale Ragdoll AMC+

Lucy Hale‘s new AMC+ thriller Ragdoll is exactly the kind of nightmare fodder that would keep Aria Montgomery — or any of Hale’s previous TV characters — up at night. And that’s kind of the point.

“I knew that when I stepped into another TV show, it would have to be something drastically different, something that got me super pumped-up creatively,” Hale tells TVLine. “I’m the the first person to watch these types of shows. I love the dark, gruesome parts of life. And this show has all of that, but what sets it apart is this really dark humor that British people do quite well.”

Based on Daniel Cole’s 2017 novel, Ragdoll stars Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Thalissa Teixeira and Hale as a trio of investigators tasked with tracking down a serial killer who mixes and matches his victims’ various appendages to create one big — you guessed it — ragdoll. The plot thickens when the killer releases a follow-up list of future victims, one that includes Lloyd-Hughes’ character, DS Nathan Rose.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime case, and it’s one of her first, so she really hit the jackpot,” Hale says of her character, DC Lake Edmonds. “But it definitely starts to take a toll. I’m blown away that people can really do this for a living and compartmentalize everything, then go home to their families at night.”

As the mystery unravels, so too do the men and women working desperately to solve it, leading to some surprising reveals about Hale’s newbie character.

“I knew from the beginning that she was literally running away from something, but I didn’t know what it was until partway through filming the season,” Hale says. “But I knew it was bad enough for her to want to start a new life.”

And while Hale has “only dated very cute boys” in her past roles, Edmonds is sexually fluid, one of the many aspects of her character that the actress finds refreshing. “She represents a whole new way of thinking,” Hale says. “People my age and the generation below me, we’re more comfortable talking about our sexuality. Edmonds definitely brings that young, lead-with-your-feelings attitude. It’s one of the many pieces that make up who she is.”

The six-part series premieres Thursday, Nov. 11 on AMC+, with new episodes debuting weekly. Hit PLAY on an exclusive new trailer for Ragdoll below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.