Stargirl Season 2 Finale Sneak Peek: Eclipso Gloats Over His Latest Victims

As Eclipso’s very grand, very evil plan gets underway, he boasts about having already targeted people close to one JSA member, as revealed in this exclusive sneak peek at DC’s Stargirl‘s Season 2 finale.

In “Summer School: Chapter Thirteen” (airing tonight at 8/7c on The CW), that episode number is feeling most lucky for Beth Chapel (played by Anjelika Washington), who when last we tuned in had gone to the American Dream offices with Chuck to make use of the ISA mainframe, only to run into Eclipso’s pint-sized incarnation, “Bruce” (Milo Stein).

Eclipso/Bruce shrugged off Beth’s claim that she had already summoned the rest of the JSA, since that is in fact exactly what he wants. Because, he explained, his plan is to tap into the darkness buried deep inside light-n-bright Stargirl aka Courtney (Brec Bassinger), and then evolve into no less than a god!

In the sneak peek above, Eclipso/Bruce continues with his gloating, letting Beth and Chuck know that he already has two innocents in his clutches. Press play above to learn who has been targeted!

As the season finale — which was written by showrunner/Stargirl creator Geoff Johns and directed by Greg Beeman — plays out, Meg DeLacy (who plays Cindy/Shiv) warned TVLine that “Eclipso is really going to succeed in a lot of ways” with his endgame. Meaning that in addition to begrudgingly allying with wannabe ISA villain Cindy, the JSA will need many other hands on deck.

“A lot of people that we’ve never seen work together before will have to join forces,” DeLacy hinted.

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