YOU Season 3: That Measles Storyline Wasn't Inspired by the Pandemic, But...

YOU Season 3

Friendly warning: The following article spoils the third episode of YOU Season 3. Haven’t watched yet? Get to streaming.

It’s one of the most jaw-dropping moments in YOU‘s third season: Still on edge after Henry’s brush with measles, Love is visited at her bakery by Gil, who admits that his kids were likely the ones who passed it to her baby. (Neither of them know that the real culprit is even closer to home.)

What’s more, Gil confirms that he and wife Margaret are anti-vaxxers, which sends Love absolutely off the deep end. As he attempts to exit the bakery, Love hits him over the head from behind with a rolling pin — and as far as the audience knows at that point, he could very well be dead. (He’s not…yet.)

Given the timing of the new season’s release, you might be tempted to assume that this storyline was inspired by the pandemic, but showrunner Sera Gamble says that’s not quite the case.

“Our writers’ room opened in February 2020,” she tells TVLine. “When we walked into the room, we thought, ‘Some crazy s–t is happening overseas. We wonder if it’ll come here, because if it does, that’s not going to be great.’ But that storyline wasn’t a response to COVID or the vaccine conversation that’s been happening, especially for the past few months. If anything, as that was coming towards us, we were all very struck by how much these conversations related to that conversation in the episode.”

Gamble says the idea to do an episode about an unvaccinated child spreading an illness to a very young baby came from the writers going around and talking about what really scared them.

“Nothing is scarier to parents than the helplessness of having a sick child,” she say. “In the case of our show, we had to ask ourselves, ‘What would drive Love to hit someone over the head and throw him in the cage?’ And it’s that he did something to harm her baby.”

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